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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle PERCEPTOR
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---snipped quotes---

Adding in my two-penny worth here, BHD & KRISPY, there's been plenty of talk already, about quantum entanglements and "action at a distance" on this Bezerk site but, let us not lose sight of the fact that SIGNALS embedded in superstrings are maths Waveforms of archetypal instructions to organisms emanating from higher dimensions and as such, csnnot be manmade as they have not been fully decoded by micro/molecular biologists.

Any artificial attempts to replicate them must fall short of the real thing.

Back to the kryon material on advanced physics:

"Spiritual organizations are filled with miracles. Hospitals are seeing documented results of that which is called spontaneous remission. This is where, suddenly, cellular structure does something that science cannot begin to explain. A total remission of disease occurs, sometimes almost overnight. But I'll tell you what it is:

It's DNA temporarily going 100 percent for a moment and cleaning the body of disease.

You've seen it, but you just didn't know what it was.

So why don't you do it right now? If you can imagine it, then you can have it.

See yourself with pure cellular health. It serves the earth, dear Human Being, for you to live longer than you think you're going to live.

We need your light. So why not do it now?

Let all of those in the room join in compassionate consciousness right now in a quantum state that is entangled with all those here and reading, sending the compassion of healing to the ones who need it without even knowing their faces or their names. It's beautiful.

Some day you'll see what the ceremony of Human Beings together can do when you all walk out healed! Why not? When you can go to a meeting for half a day and come out younger than you've been - why not? Then you'll start to see all of what I have said today is accurate and true. It is against all logic of prevailing scientific thought, but well within the purview of the love of god".

Those who require conviction must need turn to Science where the quantum entanglement i.e., Superstringss can be seen to be modeled mathematically for added proof and the harmonic resonances accord with the Solfeggio scales, as in ancient times.

The Future of Science lies Here, ~ away can go your Junk DNA and We Are Whole Again".


 Quoting: PERCEPTOR 25812303

I fully agree on this :
SIGNALS embedded in superstrings are maths Waveforms of archetypal instructions to organisms emanating from higher dimensions and as such, csnnot be manmade as they have not been fully decoded by micro/molecular biologists.

Any artificial attempts to replicate them must fall short of the real thing.

I just now read Kryons information, I did not had time before ...

The family before me is known and I will say it yet again, that there is no mystery about who sits here and who may be listening or eventually who may be reading. It comes together in a timeless state, which is not the reality that you share at this moment. It's a reality that I have of a timeless place in a quantum state filled with the potentials of those I know who will hear and read this message. So, although it may seem for you in the room to be now, it is all now for me.
 Quoting: Kryon

THIS ^^^^ is AMAZING !
This is/could be the 'Quantum reality' I was also talking about earlier according to AUgie !

"Reality" as we are tought is a limited box ... and THAT is all wrong ! Reality are also the things we dont see or measure, the dimensions we are unaware of.
Even WE HUMANS have quantum abilities that we use, mostly during our sleep [in travels, or with Remote Viewing]. Some of us also experience and acces them in daytime [paranormal abilities].

If it is true what BHD&betterhalf and I [and all who agree on it] think, then VOSTOK could indeed be such a TIMELESS QUANTUM PLACE filled with POTENTIAL !
A place where past and future and now, are woven and blended ... (A place druids and priestesses would use).

I wish I could take you back several thousand years. Slowly, as the time goes backwards, the buildings would disappear and everything would be reduced to dirt, and the indigenous would show themselves. If you took a look at what the indigenous were doing then, they had two things that they emphasized and two things that occupied all that was important to them. The first was the honoring of their ancestors, and the second was the honoring of Gaia.
The energies of the indigenous were focused on the land, but not just a land that would give them water or food, but the actual energy of the dirt of the earth. Many of you know of what I speak if you have studied their lives.

"As goes consciousness, goes Gaia. As goes Gaia, goes DNA." There is a partnership involved that is more than you think. The indigenous did not pray for rain. They did not pray for good crops and did not worship any deity. In their reality, they felt the planet and they knew that it was part of them.
 Quoting: Kryon

^^^ The ANCESTORS of the "INDIGENOUS honoring their ancestors" are the Ones that I refer to as "The ORIGINAL, The Shinning Ones" , those with the Golden Aura's.
Those that were in Harmony and Balance with Earth before the Annunaki took control ...

... who starts to understand that they can change their own fields through the templates that float in them, through consciousness, pure intent, and through that which is compassion. You can change the quantum "print" of DNA with compassion!
 Quoting: Kryon

HowwwwwwYeah !!!

The word FLOAT reconnects in my mind to Vostok and the "Fluid" that has been floating for thousands of years ...

From the beginning of this thread we have talked about the importance and relevance of CONSCIOUSNESS & COMPASSION ! And INTENT.

As Kryon says, this is pure science .. and not hocus-pocus ... but Our Scientists have to find ways to measure it, just like they needed to develop equpment to measure 'Infra-red Light' .. It always existed, even when we could not measure it with External mechanic tools.

With a big smile in my heart and on my face,
 Quoting: Krispy71

Here presented is a considered 'opinion' by, principally KRISPY and others of this newly formed group, based on their interpretations so far, of the recent emergence of AuGie, coupled to some futuristic quantum physics (involving Waveforms and quantum entaglements) recently provided by KRYON , on the Kryon website.


To help supplement this advanced, scientific interpretation of AuGie and its possible relationship to our collective consciousness, here is a little more 'data' concerning the problem of Junk DNA ~ leading to a view of the urgency of our need to reset and hence, reactivate it as soon as we can.

JUNK DNA is nothing more than hidden and dormant upgrade of our basic code!

Until scientists discard the shackles of dogmatic thought and establish an attunement with Nature, they will fail to realize that the key which unlocks the mysteries of not only Nature, but also serves as a portal between the physical and non physical realms is the vortex.

This vortical form is well evidenced in images of the vertical flow of sub atomic matter obtained by means of bubble chambers, where the vertical flow of such so-called “particles” conforms to the golden mean ratio 1:1.618. Note that this form of spiral repeats its proportions infinitely, no matter how large the spiral becomes, which is why the arms of some spiral galaxies are also in accordance with the same mathematical ratio.

The extremely sophisticated experiments of physicists Dr. George Merkl revealed that light consists of incredibly small crystals. It follows that the packets of energy and information comprising the strings of the author’s postulate may also be of a crystalline nature. Such crystals would be oscillating at frequencies far greater than that of visible light and accordingly would be undetectable by means of conventional laboratory equipment.

The author surmises that such crystals would possess an octahedral geometry since the octahedral crystal has perfect internal symmetry. Crystals also possess the capability of storing and regulating information.It is believed by one researcher that DNA is itself an electromagnetic generator with RNA as an amplifier, the cell wall a noise filter and amino acids and enzymes as effectors of signals

Junk DNA

The big surprise to the scientists was that active genes make up only tiny fractions of the entire genome. Incredibly, they only make up 3 percent of the total DNA in our chromosomes. The genes are either alone or clustered together in larger groups, but in between each gene sequence, there are long stretches of DNA which do not appear to contain any type of code for anything.

These stretches have now been referred to by scientists as “Junk DNA,” mainly because they have not figured out what secret message it contains. Michael Tellinger (Slave Species of God)

Alien DNA group of researchers working at The Human Genome Project will be announcing soon that they made an astonishing scientific discovery:

They believe so-called non-coding sequences (97%) in human DNA is no less than a genetic code of an unknown extraterrestrial life form.

Unlike normal genes, which carry the information that intracellular machinery uses to synthesize proteins, enzymes and other chemicals produced by our bodies, non-coding sequences are never used for any purpose. They are never expressed, meaning that the information they carry is never read, no substance is synthesized and they have no function at all. We exist on only 3% of our DNA.

Researchers began searching Human Genome Project databases for the four genes they isolated from junk DNA. Eventually, three of the four were found there.

What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a big code and basic code. First fact is, the complete program was positively not written on Earth; that is now a verified fact. The second fact is, that genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution; there must be something more in the game.

The third fact is, no creator of a new work, be it a composer, engineer or programmer, from Mars or Microsoft, will ever leave his work without the option for improvement or upgrade. Ingenious here is, that the upgrade is already enclosed - the "junk DNA" is nothing more than hidden and dormant upgrade of our basic code!

The complete program is elegant, very clever self-organizing, auto-executing, auto-developing and auto-correcting software for a highly advanced biological computer with build-in connection to the ageless energy and wisdom of the Universe. Software wise, within us is either short and diseased life, or potential for a super-intelligent super-being with a long and healthy life.

This triggers puzzling questions - was the reduction to the basic code done by sloppy programmers in a rush (as it appears to us) or, was the disabling of the big code a purposeful act which can be cancelled by "remote control." whenever desired?"

Junk DNA Possible ET Origin

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net] ... noma03.htm

Seems this view presents us with a wider perspective, from which to view our future?

The Global Landscape.

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