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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle ooo ooo ahh ahh
Post Content
Think I owe you an apology BHD for posting your comments from another site.
I have been looking at eneNews regularly for some time now as it gives good reports on the sinkhole situation, and sometimes I do see what others are saying on the subject especially if I think something is not quite right with a particular report. I saw your comments and in a clumsy way thought this would show others you were ok still researching and not letting the grass grow. Not one of my better decisions I have to say upon reflection and if the situation were reversed I might feel it was a little intrusive. So for this I offer my unreserved apologies.
There was no malice intended my friend, no sleuthing either...I wouldn't know where to start.
If however you and others would prefer that I didn't post here any more, then I will abide by that. You can let me know.
 Quoting: Cosmos5491 26456344

Haha, no probs at all. Thought it looked familiar LOL.

Am on forced vacation again... any posts claiming to be from hairy, that aren't this id or the usual arent moi.

Can always clarify using my gmail anyway.

Dont even think of not posting here!
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