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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Who remembers a looong time ago, a post made detailing an article about a leaf found in far north Queensland, here in Australia?

The leaf was found in a stream that had under ground origins. It was fresh, and green still.

What was so cool about this, was that the leaf was ONLY found on trees that grew in Papua New Guinea!

The leaf had fallen into a stream that went underground, beneath PNG, beneath the Coral Sea, beneath Queensland, and popped up in an underground cave, fresh as a daisy.

Like many things posted on this thread, it was interesting, and made not a lot of sense in the scheme of things, especially things bezerk.

We've had a couple of threads and links about underground rivers, and aquifers.

Even giant underground salt water aquifers and tunnels, remember that? about the subs travelling beneath the continental US through these tunnels? Even a briefing sheet or memo or something stating a sub base at A51!!

Things happen underground, out a mind, out a site.

The Rena is coming to mind atm... the ship stranded off NZ, only half the containers recovered. The rest goneski.

If one can accept a river flowing beneath the ground between PNG and Australia, how about other rivers between other nations?

How about a river flowing from Japan to the US?

How about a river flowing from the ** Kara Sea to the Gulf of Mexico?

The aquifers and oil rivers have not been explored as to where they come from and where they go, or what they flow under.

We dont know if people can send things down there, or if indeed people can go down there.

The disaster at Lake Peigneur. Accident? or deliberate act to create an entrance to a large salt cavern system, mostly already dug out.

Connected with Assumption Parish? Evidence of ongoing work beneath the surface? Engineering?

If you engineered a whole new way for one ocean to flow in to another, what would the new currents do for weather and climate? What other changes might be brought on?

Have we been thinking too small and localised on this whole issue at hand?

The info was seeded for a reason.

I brought up the underground river bewteen Japan and the US becasue the idea of storing radioactive waste in these caverns, known to be not the most stable seemed ridiculous. That radio active material is being detected immediately shot my mind over to Fukashima. A flows to B.

The deeeeep drilling off Japan. dropping 'something' in to the aquifer? Another bomb? The forst two didnt work, and resulted in a tsunami. Next ones will be deepest points on the Earth. Reckon that will work?

Cayce's prediction becoming a reality. We are so bloody clever, yet so bloody arrogant and crazy.

Be nice if just for once, those who watch, and are in the know, would just say 'waay wrong' or 'keep going sunshine'..

** Krispness, just so you know, the same glowing line in the GoM is now in the Kara Sea. What the Chinese were up to? Maybe it was plugging or releasing an underground river, allowing something to flow from A to B artificially?
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