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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle PERCEPTOR
Post Content
Preceptor, what are you doing?
Your tone has become more than a tad patronising.
If you, with your obviously superior intellect, have discerned the answer that Krispy has found, why not just spit it out?
Good day to you.
 Quoting: Doobie

I disagree.

Those resorting to personal remarks usually means they've been hit on a raw nerve.

ISIS graciously responded by declaring a limited awareness.

Since we are all one anyway, at best there is only a difference of views. So what is this difference that makes any difference?

Besides, the issues here on this BEZERK site are immense so there's a real need to discriminate to save time, and make proper sense of it, if at all possible?

For instance, while the sinkholes are highly significant they are the Effect of some phenomena and not ~ the Cause?

KRISPY and BHD's continuing absence is the Effect of some blockage surely, ~ what is the explanation of the Cause?

Will we ever know?

No point in trotting out KRISPY's KEY to the immediate BEZERK problem if it falls on deaf ears.

Tell me what you are looking for ~ perhaps this site can now tell you whether the KEY will fit the LOCK.

But, If you dont know what a needle is, you won't recognise it in a haystack, if you ever find one!

Be warned however, there may be a bunch of KEYS required to fit several LOCKS here!

Good afternoon and thank you for your attention ..

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