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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BHD nli
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TX Isis hf

Anyone having difficulty finding a connection between DWH and what goes/went on at Macondo might have a look at this chart.

It is a side cross section of salt formation in the GoM, showing land right down to deep water.

The salt 'domes' are only the peaks of lower salt formations that can be described as pillows or veins.

When BP hit the jackpot drilling in to a tar volcano AND a salt dome AND a deep underground oil (loose term) supply, the enormous pressures were not expected, which is why everything went to hell.

Forget for a moment any of the 'new age ideas' many of us seem to be labelled with, and just look at the geology.

If the area was fractured, resulting in oil out and water in, then wouldnt the immense pressures of the deep sea and the oil rushing out further create more fissures and cracks? allowing more water ingress to the salt formations?

[link to homepage.ufp.pt]

This cross section shows but one suggested formation. You can see how the salt is all connected. A side from that, the sediments and rocks and aquifers are also connected.

So immense deep pressure in once stable strata is no longer stable, with some 28,000 wells drilled and this rediculously deep well opening up the area for all kinds of new geological experiences.

Including the melting of the frozen methane layers below the sedimentry layers.

Slowly dissolving salt veins/pillows/domes would act as channels to allow water or oil or gasses to travel along and up to the land. (dry land)

That, IMHO is what Assumption Parish is all about. The particular dome was slowly being converted in to a reserve of some description. Tonnes of deisel was poured in to secure the top of the dome, as deisel doesnt saturate the salt, only water does.

But the sink hole now has more than diesel in it. It has crude in it, and is releasing methane.

The official storyline is that a great deal of the oil that washed a shore from the DWH disaster in 2010 was poured in to THIS sink hole.

To me, that is just creating a plausible deniability for BP. In that someone, will make a correlation between the crude found at Assumption, and the crude from DWH and also the new sheen in the Macondo area. I think the oil has found its way up the strata and is exiting through the ruptured dome, now sink hole.

The salt dome/pillow/vein doesnt stop at Assumption, and that works both ways. It doesnt only go that way, it may also go on through the GoM, or through Texas, through the massive Texas aquifer and on to Mexico and beyond.


Nice to be back for a bit.

I try to pop a silly clue or my name in the user name bar, even when not logged in. I guess a quich check in the search bar shows you who is doing the talking, but totally anon, and no country code either?

Must have a lot to hide. Truth always finds it's way out though. Be aweful for the better part of one's life's work to come crashing down because of a house of cards built on a bullshit premise.
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