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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BHD nli
Post Content
This thread has wondered so far off track, It's just painful to see the deliberate distraction by ego's. It's no wonder the OP left.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26914097

What is the link between any one of your last posts/videos and the Gulf of Mexico, ISIS?

If there are no connections, then these posts are a distraction and therefore a distortion from this BEZERK site.

Much better to keep Focussed, with Intent.
Quoting: AC 26355761

Its pretty clear you haven't been paying attention AC26355761.
The sinkhole problems are an extension of the GOM chaos.
Look at the geology...follow the salt domes on the floor of the GOM...they also go way inland. Will you pay more attention when Louisiana ends up in the Gulf?
 Quoting: Cosmos5491 25475219

Excuse me but I agree with AC

You Cosmos, are a main culprit. Ever since you came onto this thread, with your self righteous new age spiritual and contrived ideas, the thread stopped being news worthy. Make no mistake that some are aware that posters like krispy and her BHD have posted their interpretations just to get attention. Never forget that if it wasn't for the OP you would have no stage to promote your ideas, yet you sarcastically attack the OP any way which you can.

There are many on this thread, although they don't' post, who are aware of how this thread was derailed by new agers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26914097

Bwahahahaaaa!! Hey Breezy.

..errr, no, this is not Breezy, this is , errr... a secret agent that, err.. isnt enfatuated with Acolyte.

Attention grabbing? Really? Moi?

Most of us have real lives to live. Folks like your self always seem to try to capitalise on a small weakness and try to exploit it to derail a thought train.

What happened to ideas being discussed freely, over being fed specific data that must ONLY be interpreted ONE way?
As far as I am aware, bezerk was stopped here for the same reasons it was stopped elsewhere. People didnt know what to make of what they were seeing.

Let's see, you dont like people who love to talk about interesting ideas.

You dont like anyone who doesnt think like you.

You dont like people who respect and love the Earth.

You dont sound like a very friendly sort. What happened to you?

And dont hit us with "this is more important than you will ever know"...

- cos if it was, two years down the track, more things would have become evident.

PS - can you stop emailing me also, as I have zero interest in your spy crap. I dont wanna play any more.
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