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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Might be time to revisit these questions -

Sticking to your 'guidelines' then...

If the GoM is being terraformed to suit the 'imminent' return of ET types, then the area these ETs will live in is either an aquatic environment, being the GoM, or the land around it, being Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississipi, Louisianna, Texas and Mexico.

What ever is being done to the GoM would then make it comfy for the visitors to live in these areas.

Earth has but one atmosphere, so if the air (generalisation) is to be modified, say to include a higher methane content, then it cant be a localised condition. Eventually the planet would equalise.

That would indicate world wide take over.

Or, the GoM make over is for another reason. A food source perhaps? A climate specific? That can be made to be a local phenominon.

The Chinese are managing this process then? They would seem to be not paniked about the events to come, which indicates their special gene has something to aid them in surviving. It allows them to breath the new air? or something else?


All this a side, why was bezerk and this thread created? To what end? As a warning? as a phishing excercise to get additional input and perspective? A melting pot of ideas to work out the situation or a sounding board to find ways to combat the possible effects?

I have to assume, as a Human, that we arent just laying down and accepting this, and that efforts are being made to combat what is going on. Bezerk talks about factional wars, but not much seems to be playing out in the open?

Unless you can attribute certain recent events to to core story line?

Where do Gordon Michael Scallion and Edgar Cayce's predictions of a water way between the GoM and the Great Lakes on through the StLawrence Sea way come in to this scenario?

Is it the fight back? Destruction of the ET efforts to terraform? or is it the on going terraforming?

I dont think any of these ideas or topics were really delved in to a great deal.

Maybe this will kick start things again?

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On topic, relevant questions.
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