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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Might be time to revisit these questions -

Sticking to your 'guidelines' then...

All this aside, why was Bezerk and this thread created? To what end? As a warning? as a phishing excercise to get additional input and perspective? A melting pot of ideas to work out the situation or a sounding board to find ways to combat the possible effects?

I have to assume, as a Human, that we arent just laying down and accepting this, and that efforts are being made to combat what is going on. Bezerk talks about factional wars, but not much seems to be playing out in the open?

Unless you can attribute certain recent events to to core story line?

Is it the fight back? Destruction of the ET efforts to terraform? or is it the on going terraforming?

I dont think any of these ideas or topics were really delved in to a great deal.

Maybe this will kick start things again?

 Quoting: BHD - nli 22434129

On topic, relevant questions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22434129

BHD these are core, KEY questions and you probably know more about the answers than most?

For my part I would guess that all your suggested answers are most likely to be involved.

From the Ventner material posted, seems the idea of controlling AuGie has been around at least since the 1980's and presumably, this idea was based on his earlier laboratory research and experiments.

Of course we don't know what other scientists may have discovered and/or contributed. China and the briefcase technology springs to mind here.

It does appear that the Deepwater experiment was contrived and hence, governments were alerted and it became an international incident.

But did they know it was going to go wrong?

Surely not or the antidote would have worked?

Hence the Bezerk site which seems to have opened in June, 2010 around the time of the explosion, unless there was prior editing.

Control over this Grand Gulf of Mexico laboratory Experiment got lost and one gets the feeling that it got seriously out of hand on an international scale at the highest of levels.

In which, case the Bezerk site was intended to trawl in eclectic, scientific ideas from different sources of expertise, extending beyond the know how of the intelligence sources and their scientific advisers who were left, whistling in the dark, unclear as to the best way forward?

Since there was and probably still are, secret agendas here, the opportunity occurred to dumb down any contrary ideas of enlighenment, psychic or otherwise as this would go against the intended plan of regaining control and using it for various nefarious purposes, in the interests of the few individuals or countries.

I actually believe there may be an advanced, scientific explanation yet to be forthcoming which will innoculate us against any attempts to use AuGie as a weapon, against the population on a grand scale.

Hope this may provide some food for further thought?

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