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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content


Anyway, in that vid the fella shows a link to a 'fire' tracking site, and Louisianna, Florida and Texas seem to be the only states majorly on fire...

Comments state that it is sugar cane burn off. Is there that much cane industry down that aways? I truly dont know. But the inference was that these fires may be related to methane and other gas pockets being burned off, and covered as forest fires etc.


I always forget Dhlos (T). Hi Dhlos!hi Probably wrong about the Breezy comment.
Why is it that bezerkers were 'turned', and became so secretive?

Only answer to that is control. Control the situation. Cant control it here? Control it elsewhere with the right guidelines in place.

Does anyone else get emails from "EXIT"??

Just interested is all. First time I have brought it up. Wont reveal the last part of the email address.

 Quoting: Fringe Dweller 22434129

Heya Fringe Dweller ;)

[I lovvvvve Fringe btw !!]
I agree with the control-thingy.
Nope never had emails with those letters in it or from such a person.
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