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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
One other quickie, regarding Cayce's predictions etc. The US Navy Future Map also parallels these predictions.

In a similar vein to what I was asking earlier regarding the naming of bezerk, and that it has much more history, purely from the fact it is a thought out name, and has been monitored, and measured to a point where a bezerk condition is now in play, the Navy map is decades old.

Does that mean the USNI have been aware of the bezerk potential then for decades?

If that is the case, then have they and other factions been working on methods of defense for decades?

... then why would the Chinese only recently supply briefcases with instructions?

Perhaps the connection was not made? In any regard, there is an historical connection obviously.

Its a pity those n the know wont elaborate on these aspects.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22434129

Yes, I think they have been aware for decades !!

And in a way that isnt so surprising ... if we recall the certain fringe projects that allowed special agents [people] to jump to other time-frames backwards and forwards ... ((was it called pegassus or phoenix)) ... Thats how they gather info, or hide info.
Besides that ^^ I do think that The Elite(s) know exactly what AUgie is and in what kind of times it becomes active ... This isnt the first time this happened, this is the 5th cycle ... the 5th time ...

Option 1
In my opinion the "CHANGE" the USA is going to undergo, is a MUST, a planned thing. I mentioned it before : I think they think its their only way to not be destroyed, they think they have to make the bigger part of the USA loose ... and they used drilling, tunneling, fracking and who-knows-what-else for it. I think its a precaution for when the rotation of the Earth will stop for a short while, but by that the things on the surface [like water and rocks and magma and so-on] are wanting to carry on movement > this will cause a "torn & rip & slide"-event that will have destructive results for things like tectonic plates. If a part of a plate is LOOSE then it will not crush and crumble, but rather float !

Option 2
What the hell do The Elite(s) care about a "bunch" of people less when a part of America will disappear under water ... They are only less mouth to feed and sacrifices no one weeps about [at their height].
There could be advantages for them to this destructive event ... they could call in Martial Law and take over, people will have to start from scratch and are dependant, willing to obey for shelter, meds and food.
And it would bring WATER, algae-fuell water, into the heart of America ...

Option 3
The 2 above combined ...

They "The Elite Factions" must know about 'The Defence System of Earth/Gaia', and with that 'AUGIE'.
They must know that it will be activated and applied if too much (UN-NATURAL, thus non-CosmicEvent related) harm is done to the body Earth. But they'll have to take that, and work on ways to halt it and slow it down.

I think that THEY dont understand AUgie completely, thus what it does and how it works and where it came from/comes from.
I think that the CHINESE DO !
Thats why they brought in the Briefcases ... The Chin might know what is at stake ... and that if they kill AUgie, they will evoke the death of Earth.

It is undoubtly possible that the Chin had "help" or whispers from Aliens who care [just like many leaders of Nations have Alien-alies who "help" them in specific ways] , ... it is possible that the Chin knew for aeons, but in respect of The Balance they didnt had to interfere, and NOW they had/have ...
No doubt in my mind that some of the Chins see this as an opportunity to grab Worldpower their own ... But 'All has to stay within a certain Balance!' ... and with Odessa & the Elites this Balance is going to be upset and damaged.
Specially in times like with an Alignment it is of absolute importance !

Does this makes sense to you ?

 Quoting: Krispy71

Best post in 200 pages I think Krispy! hf
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