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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Tnx BHD jump

Added later:

this thread, this pool that is called BEZERK
is a way of all kinds of "Interested" to lurk and see what we come up with. And with WE" I mean ALL contributors ..lol.. [not only you and me and Isis/Cosmos/and other regulars] ..
a new mindset brought by a new poster could give them sparks of renewed vision on things.
Yes they use our posts to plan their strategy on .. what to write in mainstream-media, what angles to search for new clues, how to control or play it better, to learn about our weaknesses and with that a means to distract and derail when things go HOT, clues how to get lock-on and control-over AUgie [.. lol which they cant ! ...]
Yes we are their private public think-tank ... They THINK.

But it doesnt matter what They THINK , coz
it matters that things get in the OPEN, the more We share our personal opinions and our research that has as common part which is : "to shed light on this, in true passion and intent" , to inform those who wanna hear, to warn those who need to be and deserve to be, to make it less scary and that people Unite and Help each other
When all of this happens, by posting here in Bezerk, then with every post the positive Bezerk-field grows and gets stronger, the stronger the morphogenetic field of this energy which is connected with this info gets stronger ... and with THAT we HELP Gaia/Earth and Humanity !

Let the Elites use BEZERK for what they want it to,
WE will use Bezerk to Help Earth & Humanity !

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