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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
I am gonne try to repost my post that got me banned 2 times ... cross fingers ...


***I removed all links to articles, if you wanna know just goole a sentence out of the text or content and you will find the source-article ;)

hi guys.
just found this. thought it might be of intrest. sorry my sleuthing is so lame compared to most of you guys but i simply dont have the time for much.(between bannings,whats the story with that shit) I really apreciate ALL of you-guys input despite the little bickerings. good work

BREAKING >>> Blowout in Gulf of Mexico: Wellhead releasing ‘unknown product’ into water off LA coast

Thread: BREAKING >>> Blowout in Gulf of Mexico: Wellhead releasing ‘unknown product’ into water off LA coast

0640 on 5NOV12, USCG Sector New Orleans contacted NOAA SSC about a report of a wellhead releasing unknown product into the water. The location was described as "Northern East Bay" without precise coordinates. The release began early in the morning, exact time unknown and the rate of discharge is unknown. The release is unsecured and overflight is scheduled. There is limited information at this time and further investigation is required. USCG requested a trajectory to aid with field activities.
 Quoting: option8

Event's location : [removed link]

And a new storm forming :
Nor'easter threatens weather-weary East Coast
[removed link]
- One of the biggest fears was that the storm could bring renewed flooding to parts of the shore where Sandy wiped out natural beach defenses and protective dunes.
"It's going to impact areas many areas that were devastated by Sandy. It will not be good," said Bruce Terry, the lead forecaster for the National Weather Service.
- The new storm was expected to move up the coast Tuesday, past Georgia and South Carolina. By Wednesday morning, it was expected to be off Virginia or Cape Hatteras, N.C.
Terry said the storm could slow down somewhat once it gets off the New Jersey coast, meaning its effects could linger. They include rain, high winds and tidal surges, although less than those that accompanied Sandy.

SANDY was already suspicious, [.. was it created or not ? ..] and then now so shortly after it an other storm ... that could "transport" anything to the weakened and amaged area's!

Here I copy/paste a few posts from beneath the article:

November 5, 2012 at 6:18 pm
BP has fractured the entire sea floor and there is no way to stop the gushers, nor the seepers. MC 252 is not the only wellheads leaking. Over 27,000 wellheads have never been properly sealed! MC 292 is between two Salt Domes and was a drill site by BP.

November 5, 2012 at 7:57 pm
TYVM amber. I wouldn't worry too much about a shortwave spike, but longwave is another thing entirely. It is absolute that this oil came from the Macondo.
The shortwave spike you allude to is most likely from the Gwen network, so watch for weather in the local area take a turn.

November 5, 2012 at 6:57 pm
Massive Explosive Potential in Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico.

[removed link]

Lots of info, so take it as long as you can. One thing to consider… Oxygen being forced by drilling will seep thru fractures in the surrounding sub-strata and throughout the caverns. Oxygen plus methane equals a truly dangerous situation.

November 5, 2012 at 7:53 pm

I knew there was something fishy about the radioactive readings at the Bayou Corne sinkhole. Makes perfect sense. Spent fuel rods would easily go down a well casing into the salt domes under louisianna,Texas and under the gulf. There is documented proof thet the government has advocated for the use of salt domes as a good place to store radioactive waste. They currently use the New Mexico salt domes to do exactly that so whats to keep them from doing it in these salt domes. Today's photos of the sinkhole shows that this monster is out of control. I suggest that if you have relatives or live in Southern Louisianna that you get the hell out of there. Even it it doesn't blow to kingdom come it's definately highly contaminated beyond any possibility of ever getting cleaned up. Make sure you don't jump put of the pan into the fire and by that I mean stay clear of areas close to any nuke plants or reprocessing plants like Hanford washington,rocky flats colorado, and Savannah River site in South Carolina. Also stear clear of Simi Valley Calif(nuclear accident site) and Crescent oklahoma (old kerr mcghee plutonium processing plant). I live in Houston and am thinking of selling everything I own and moving to Costa Rica. Its going to get worse – who knows what the outcome of this nighmare will be. Read the link in FREEDOMROX posting!
 Quoting: article

Here an interesting quote from the thread itself :

RE: BREAKING >>> Blowout in Gulf of Mexico: Wellhead releasing ‘unknown product’ into water off LA coast

I would like to try and clear up any confusion right now about cause and effect.

There is a field under the gulf. Thats why everybody is there drilling. This field historically has an above average pressure in it under it historically. Drilling at those depts under sea beds also increses the pressure.

That being said they know they should not drill there because of the risks of the pressure causing blowouts but they do anyways because the world needs oil and gas.

Even in this technological era they do not have the proper gear to properly control this pressure and play safe.

BP after the oil spill had to admit to altering their blow out preventer to control this pressure. Proof of the pudding.

That all being said. The pressure under the sea floor is growing. There will be more of this type of thing as we go along here.

LINK TO SINKHOLE: That sinkhole is on top of this field. With the growing pressure its starting to collaspe the caverns. You must under stand that as the pressure builds whats under there is trying to find a way out. It going to take the path of least resistance. Fault lines. Pre drilled holes. Caverns and alike.

The area under the sinkhole has now been shown to be pushing up. Bulging up. The caverns are collapsing. The whole area is collapsing. The whole area for hundreds of miles is unstable. Soon a critical mass will be reached. When that happens........?

There has already been alot of seismic activity in the area and surrounding areas. Will it get the New Madrid going....?
Only time will tell. They don't even know what will happen.

They must be starting to panic and after this new blowout I would too. The USGS has been reported to be in the area. Crews in fact have been spotted here and there. There was two small earthquakes today off the Jersey Coast. Hello!!!

Sandy proved somthing for us all. There is no reserves left in the area. They have been used up and moved out of the area. A country does not do that. Those reserves are there for a rainy day and emergency's like oil embargo's and alike. So what would prompt the government to use and move them....! Starting to connect the dots....!

My dad was an oil and gas enginneer for over 40 years. Thats what he says is going on. Take care and get the fuck out of there.hf
 Quoting: TrinityMountain

Interesting post. What is your source indicating the reserves have been moved out and where exactly have they been moved from?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3978737

Where they moved them too who knows...? When everybody starting yelling for gas after the store they said " Get it from the Reserves" Close by you would assume that to be a correct statement right. Wrong. No Reserves are there to get. It was on the CBC News. Last Night. "Rumor" has it they have been moving it out of the Caverns since the Sinkhole shit began. The oil patch is one big sewing circle if you know what I mean.
 Quoting: TrinityMountain

Just looked at an overlay map of recent earthquakes in around the New Madrid with the after map the Navy did. The recent data from this week of earthquakes. It all matches. Right now. Spooky the Usgs has been in the area the last couple of days taking measurements. Is it for sandy erosion or some other type erosion...? Pakistan has sunk 10 feet this year proved by the earthchanges satelite. 10 feet this year. Is the Eastern seaboard sinking now....!
 Quoting: TrinityMountain

Just 2 things out of the above :
Remember OP mentioning that too almost 2 years back !!!!
Imo he was indeed referring to the events becoming clear to the media and public, which already have been going on for 2 years in the GOM !

---> The measurements the USGS are taking, which could indeed indicate that LAND IS SINKING.

A big part of the US [and surrounding seabed] on top of a cavern-system that is like a Swiss cheese full of holes,
when these holes/caverns collapse it will endanger the stability of the land on top it carries .... When the upperstrata are to much pressurised and torn-on, they will break into pieces ... bye bye parts of America ....

All the above has been said and posted about before,
but sometimes its good to refresh the memory ;)
Tnx to all who have previously covered the info hf

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