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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I actually believe there may be an advanced, scientific explanation yet to be forthcoming which will innoculate us against any attempts to use AuGie as a weapon, against the population on a grand scale.
 Quoting: Preceptor

Pre/Per ...
AUGIE will never be used as a weapon ! THAT is just NOT possible.

AUgie works on intent, not on CONTROL.
And to control AUgie they would have to know what she is and how she works .. and they would have to have grip on her QUANTUMforces > THATS what they CANT !

If you understand THIS, then you understand AUgie, what she does and how she works in synergy with a million other factors and 'in entanglement' ;)

AUgie is seen as a weapon to them who FEAR and who are Dark of Heart and Intent ..
AUgie is a tool and key to them who are Open and Truthfull in Heart and Intent.

 Quoting: Krispy71

Interesting, your information is at odds with other experts on Augie. Where do you get you Augie information from?
 Quoting: Forever and Always. 21858603

Hi Mate.

Forever and Always, I think there comes a point, when you have been immersed in this subject for so long, that what has been 'fed' starts to taste .... funny.

You arrive at other conclusions based on your own beliefs, and that can be fed by research, intuition, RVing, dreams and other means employed by letter agencies, but in public view, scoffed at, or turned in to a laughing matter.

What could be more important than our own gut feeling? Your own subconcious telling you something is right. For YOU. For YOU to be able to process and make sense of a situation. Might change direction slightly as more comes to light, but what's wrong with that?

K has specific ideas on AUgie, and so do many others here, that differ from other OPinions. That storyline very much seems like a spin job, designed to elicite a specific emotion and research path, for a specific faction.

I have stopped referring to the organism as a thing, or a localised, separate entity.

To me it's just our planet reacting. It could happen anywhere it's needed - OR ENCOURAGED.

Did that seem a bit snappy? Wasnt intended as a snark.

 Quoting: BadHairDay

Not at all, much of what you say represents my view.
We can only go by what resonates with us, an authentic life that is our own.

I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.
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