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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle PRECEPTOR
Post Content
I received this via email the other day, and have only now received permission to extract from it:

Quote from email to me follows:

You might recall some years ago there were reports of scientists in Antarctica contracting some virus and there were several deaths and/or illnesses.

Ground penetrating radar had picked up a formation of metallic objects in the ground even deeper than the 2 miles of Ice, it was thought impossible to ever get to them, but my informant suggests that some years ago they managed to get to one of the objects. The formation was in the form of a spiral of which the outer arm reached into the island chain including Southern Thule = THULE (!)

(now you understand my interest in that place - NEXUS).

However the object they did reached was on the mainland in an area of warm thermal activity. Even so it was about a mile down and took some getting to, they had been working on it for several summers.

They didn't know if these (aerials) were here from a previous civilization or if they were extraterrestrial in nature. I still don't think they know for sure!

[NOTE: "Undersea Aerials" reminds one of the extensive research of Bruce Cathie (New Zealand) from which, in his case, he plots meridian lines around the Earth?]

Anyway he suggested when they got to this thing under the ground it activated itself and started sending out signals. Also he said the hole they had dug started to fill up with what they first thought was oil. So they took some samples and that's when several scientists died of some unknown virus they had contracted from contact with this (oil) well that's a guess again.

 Quoting: nexuseditor


Pre/Per ...
AUGIE will never be used as a weapon ! THAT is just NOT possible.

AUgie works on intent, not on CONTROL.
And to control AUgie they would have to know what she is and how she works .. and they would have to have grip on her QUANTUMforces > THATS what they CANT !

If you understand THIS, then you understand AUgie, what she does and how she works in synergy with a million other factors and 'in entanglement' ;)

AUgie is seen as a weapon to them who FEAR and who are Dark of Heart and Intent ..
AUgie is a tool and key to them who are Open and Truthfull in Heart and Intent.

 Quoting: Krispy71

Interesting, your information is at odds with other experts on Augie. Where do you get you Augie information from?
 Quoting: Forever and Always. 21858603

Hi Mate.

Forever and Always, I think there comes a point, when you have been immersed in this subject for so long, that what has been 'fed' starts to taste .... funny.

You arrive at other conclusions based on your own beliefs, and that can be fed by research, intuition, RVing, dreams and other means employed by letter agencies, but in public view, scoffed at, or turned in to a laughing matter.

What could be more important than our own gut feeling? Your own subconcious telling you something is right. For YOU. For YOU to be able to process and make sense of a situation. Might change direction slightly as more comes to light, but what's wrong with that?

K has specific ideas on AUgie, and so do many others here, that differ from other OPinions. That storyline very much seems like a spin job, designed to elicite a specific emotion and research path, for a specific faction.

I have stopped referring to the organism as a thing, or a localised, separate entity.

To me it's just our planet reacting. It could happen anywhere it's needed - OR ENCOURAGED.

Did that seem a bit snappy? Wasnt intended as a snark.

 Quoting: BadHairDay

Not at all, much of what you say represents my view.
We can only go by what resonates with us, an authentic life that is our own.

I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21858603

I have had to change my mind often on re-reading data off this site, having thought I had just made it up!!

Recall; Every ACTION
has an equal and opposite REACTION?

Re-Consider THULE and ANTARCTICA in the light not only of the NEXUS release of info above but also, in light of Krispy's comments on the JULES VERNE Journey to The Centre of The Earth - faction?

How much did "they" know, then?

KRISPETTE - let me put the record straight? You misunderstood me above, I meant AuGie was (wrongly) being viewed as a potential, biological weapon, where the likes of Ventnor took out 5,000 patents thinking they could (nano) control its adverse, bacterial activity with appropriate chemical antidotes?

I agree with you this will not work IF, and its a Big IF - we succeed in resetting our DNA and eliminate the JUNK!

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