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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content

 Quoting: nexuseditor

---snipped other postquotes---

I have had to change my mind often on re-reading data off this site, having thought I had just made it up!!

Recall; Every ACTION
has an equal and opposite REACTION?

Re-Consider THULE and ANTARCTICA in the light not only of the NEXUS release of info above but also, in light of Krispy's comments on the JULES VERNE Journey to The Centre of The Earth - faction?

How much did "they" know, then?

KRISPETTE - let me put the record straight? You misunderstood me above, I meant AuGie was (wrongly) being viewed as a potential, biological weapon, where the likes of Ventnor took out 5,000 patents thinking they could (nano) control its adverse, bacterial activity with appropriate chemical antidotes?

I agree with you this will not work IF, and its a Big IF - we succeed in resetting our DNA and eliminate the JUNK!


 Quoting: PRECEPTOR 26355761

Sorry Pre/Per ... yes I understood you wrongly ... apologies.
Yes you are correct that The Elites saw AUgie as such.
And yes, I think that Venter was chosen to research ways of attacking and tackling AUgie.

I do not know if the "oil" Nexus was talking about is the same as AUgie ...
Im my feeling and vision [and contact], AUgie is not a BLACK or BROWN substance, but rather white and crystaline glowing/diamond shimmering ...
Be aware that The Ancients who builded that Thing under the ground in THULE, had immense technological wealth, and that they could make with ease any defencing system they liked. I dont scare from the tale that this oily-substance killed people ... Booby-traps are as old as one can think of ;)

Dear Pre/Per, thats the beauty of it : We DONT have to be FULLY ACTIVATED !! Our full DNA doesnt have to be resetted ... it also works like we are now !!!
I tell you, right now we could not live here and be here if our DNA was fully activated !
As did Tiamath Amaru with me, and as AUgie is capable of : they can feel your INTENTION [even with junk/sleeping DNA parts], they feel if it is pure or pure enough ...
Just like only 'the Pure Of Intent' could open the 'Arc of the Covenant' ....

And in my opinion, there is no JUNK, its only inactive, waiting for the right TIME and TONE.

We dont have to succeed in anything,
we only have to realise THAT WE ARE, HERE & NOW, and that every time is the right time (quantum-time aspect)
If your intentions are aligned with Harmony and Universal Balance [in freedom] then its all needed to be.

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