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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
As I watched this video,

it connected me back to the lecture of Nassim Harramein in Holland that I attended, and afterwards our private conversation with him in a separate room. That day in lecture he talked about and showed us the apparatus he had made that produced free energy. In the private room we [a group of Germans and I] talked about energy-lenses that secret gov and Nasa were building and experimenting with, one of the German girls experimented with a small tabletop-size version of this tech ! It is already used !

A few days/week after this encounter I had my dream about Nassim telling me to go to the Mid-America/Mexico area and "do something that had to do with fresh and salt water" ... He couldnt give me the names of the lakes or waters that he was sending me to.
In the next part of that dream I was THERE on the water/sea-surface listening with my ear to the water, then chanting in an old and long-forgotten language, then Tiamath Amaru appeared and she showed me things.

Then I discovered GLP [dont remember how or by who] and joined a thread about 'orbs around the sun' for months ... then suddenly there was 'Bezerk' ... At a flabbergasting moment I remembered my dream and the research I had done to investigate what that name Tiamath Amaru meant and if it was real and mentioned in old texts and legends, and I realised that this dream was in all ways connected with the Bezerk-thread !!!
The more I investigated it the more it made sense and fitted the whole shabang.

Today I watched that vid on this link [link to www.thesolutionssummit.info]
Its about Nassims work ...
Seeing exact being mentioned that this free energy is a THREAT to Exxon, BP, Shell and the BANKING-SYSTEMS ..., made it again crystal clear how 'the lecture', 'my dream' and 'the Bezerk-thread' are interconnected !

Today I remembered and saw and understood.
Once again I felt and connected the realness of this all.

Nassim doesnt talk about Tiamath Amaru, but he [and others] talk about "the torus-energy ball" as depicted actively working in&around Earth, and ufo's ... I say that THAT is the same FIELD that was around The Original [elders] Tribe, those with the Golden Aura ... Those who knew about Tiamath and about AUgie.

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