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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
EMP = explosive origin

rEMP = implosive procedure, created photonically, resulting in an energy vortex.

An rEMP device cannot be controlled, especially within an atmosphere of a planet, and depending on frequency lock, will result in ALL magnetically and mechanically generated electricity being totally absorbed.

"Planes wont fly right" isnt the half of it.

Given the earth's atmospheric tampering, and modification, creating a photonically generated rEMP will render all technology impotent.

REVOLUTION anyone? Who says there arent people trying to help the masses?

Very Astute reasoning Precept'. Very.
 Quoting: kurivinda 27439883

Tnx for bringing that up again hf

Only thing I have other thoughts upon is :
the assumed uncontrollable aspect of it ...
I would like to think that there ARE aliens and lifeforms more advanced, in tech and the knowing and understanding of how THINGS WORK in the Universe, then we are.
Nothing [!!!] in the Universe is UNCONTROLLABLE,
for the Universe might look like CHAOS but in deeper reality it is an overall harmonic system ...
consisting of things that look like ritmic fractals and like patterns that at first glean are not ritmic but deeper study will always reveal their cycle, and thus belonging to a logarithm.

There is NO harmonics that cant be worked with,
but it is the trick to figure out and understand how it works.
Sometimes "Control" isnt the right expression, cuz in many cases it is not the 'control OVER' that makes it work, but the synergy and symbiosis of 2 systems do make things work. This would not be DOMINANCE, but Consciousness [based on Intent].

With rEMP we only SEE the 1 part of it > which is the sucking away of energy in all technology it is pointed on. (Like demonstrated with those subs who's powergenerators were sucked dry and empty beyond repair. Links and articles were posted many pages back)
BUT ...
do we know, are we told where the "sucked-up" energy goes to ??? NOPE.
It could be that it is used to do restoration on other places, it could be that it is stored in a huge container, etc ..
And I bet that there is.
We cant just look at it, and judge it, from just 1 perspective ! We only see and know partial information, and thus could our conclusions be everything but accurate ...

To me rEMP looks better then bombs and things that really kill PEOPLE and materials. As far as possibly demonstrated, rEMP did not kill people.
That doesnt means it could not do so, but as with almost every invention : It is consciousness and Intent which is determent of the outcome and the chosen usage.

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