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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle PRECEPTOR
Post Content

 Quoting: nexuseditor

---snipped other postquotes---

I have had to change my mind often on re-reading data off this site, having thought I had just made it up!!

Recall; Every ACTION
has an equal and opposite REACTION?


KRISPETTE - let me put the record straight? You misunderstood me above, I meant AuGie was (wrongly) being viewed as a potential, biological weapon, where the likes of Ventnor took out 5,000 patents thinking they could (nano) control its adverse, bacterial activity with appropriate chemical antidotes?

I agree with you this will not work IF, and its a Big IF - we succeed in resetting our DNA and eliminate the JUNK!


 Quoting: PRECEPTOR 26355761

Sorry Pre/Per ... yes I understood you wrongly ... apologies.
Yes you are correct that The Elites saw AUgie as such.
And yes, I think that Venter was chosen to research ways of attacking and tackling AUgie.


Dear Pre/Per, thats the beauty of it : We DONT have to be FULLY ACTIVATED !! Our full DNA doesnt have to be resetted ... it also works like we are now !!!

I tell you, right now we could not live here and be here if our DNA was fully activated !

As did Tiamath Amaru with me, and as AUgie is capable of : they can feel your INTENTION [even with junk/sleeping DNA parts], they feel if it is pure or pure enough ...

Just like only 'the Pure Of Intent' could open the 'Arc of the Covenant' ....

And in my opinion, there is no JUNK, its only inactive, waiting for the right TIME and TONE.

We don't have to succeed in anything,

we only have to realise THAT WE ARE, HERE & NOW, and that every time is the right time (quantum-time aspect)
If your intentions are aligned with Harmony and Universal Balance [in freedom] then its all needed to be.

 Quoting: Krispy71

As I watched this video,

it connected me back to the lecture of Nassim Harramein in Holland that I attended, and afterwards our private conversation with him in a separate room. That day in lecture he talked about and showed us the apparatus he had made that produced free energy.

A few days/week after this encounter I had my dream about Nassim telling me to go to the Mid-America/Mexico area and "do something that had to do with fresh and salt water" ... He couldn't give me the names of the lakes or waters that he was sending me to.

In the next part of that dream I was THERE on the water/sea-surface listening with my ear to the water, then chanting in an old and long-forgotten language, then Tiamath Amaru appeared and she showed me things.

I discovered GLP [dont remember how or by who] and joined a thread about 'orbs around the sun' for months ... then suddenly there was 'Bezerk' ... and I realised that this dream was in all ways connected with the Bezerk-thread !!!
The more I investigated it the more it made sense and fitted the whole shabang.

Today I watched that vid on this link

[link to www.thesolutionssummit.info]

Its about Nassims work ...

Seeing exact being mentioned that this free energy is a THREAT to Exxon, BP, Shell and the BANKING-SYSTEMS ..., made it again crystal clear how 'the lecture', 'my dream' and 'the Bezerk-thread' are interconnected !

Today I remembered and saw and understood.

Once again I felt and connected the realness of this all.

Nassim doesnt talk about Tiamath Amaru, but he [and others] talk about "the torus-energy ball" as depicted, actively working in & around Earth, and ufo's ... I say that THAT is the same FIELD that was around The Original [elders] Tribe, those with The Golden Aura ... Those who knew about Tiamath and about AUgie.

 Quoting: Krispy71

EMP = explosive origin

rEMP = implosive procedure, created photonically, resulting in an energy vortex.

An rEMP device cannot be controlled, especially within an atmosphere of a planet, and depending on frequency lock, will result in ALL magnetically and mechanically generated electricity being totally absorbed.

"Planes wont fly right" isnt the half of it.

Given the earth's atmospheric tampering, and modification, creating a photonically generated rEMP will render all technology impotent.

REVOLUTION anyone? Who says there arent people trying to help the masses?

Very Astute reasoning Precept'. Very.
 Quoting: kurivinda 27439883

Tnx for bringing that up again hf

Only thing I have other thoughts upon is :
the assumed uncontrollable aspect of it ...
I would like to think that there ARE aliens and lifeforms more advanced, in tech and the knowing and understanding of how THINGS WORK in the Universe, then we are.
Nothing [!!!] in the Universe is UNCONTROLLABLE,
for the Universe might look like CHAOS but in deeper reality it is an overall harmonic system ...
consisting of things that look like ritmic fractals and like patterns that at first glean are not ritmic but deeper study will always reveal their cycle, and thus belonging to a logarithm.

There is NO harmonics that cant be worked with,
but it is the trick to figure out and understand how it works.

Sometimes "Control" isnt the right expression, cuz in many cases it is not the 'control OVER' that makes it work, but the synergy and symbiosis of 2 systems do make things work.

This would not be DOMINANCE, but Consciousness [based on Intent].

To me rEMP looks better then bombs and things that really kill PEOPLE and materials. As far as possibly demonstrated, rEMP did not kill people.

That doesnt means it could not do so, but as with almost every invention : It is consciousness and Intent which is determinent of the outcome and the chosen usage.

 Quoting: Krispy71

KRISPY This is far sighted, spot on, far reaching and right on the ball.

First off ~ if viewers go to the Main GLP Forum and click down on:

PUTIN is now the New World Oil CZAR ~ follow the Rosneft merger with TNK BP, in the pipe line.

... they can see what lies ahead. CONTROL over DWH and The major Gulf Oil Fields Laboratory is passing from Obama to Russia (and think ODESSA briefcases you pointedly mentioned?)

A few observations now need to be elaborated.

It is entirely agreed there is No JUNK DNA!

It is called JUNK by microbiologist scientists because they do not yet understand the underlying harmonics and e/m fields lurking behind the dynamic, helical structure of our DNA! Otherwise it would be dead.

It is all very well you saying we do not need to reset our DNA, Krispy, you are evidently speaking for yourself!

Think empathetically. Most people are simply not using 90% odd to access dreams, higher dimensions and ancient records like you are!

For them, this is their future! They are being bombarded with useless information leading to the very FEAR intended, to prevent such incoming signals.

There is NO harmonics that can't be worked with,
but it is the trick to figure out and understand how it works.


Here are the KEY words which will unlock the FIELDS, starting with HARMONICS:


Back to the Video and click on: TORUS Dynamo's are FUN, to view a working model.

Even the maths is not too difficult once you know the radii involved, allowing for The GOLDEN MEAN in the /volume and Surface Area measurements. Even The Fine Structure Constant (~1/137) drops out with corresponding FRACTALS.

I know of experiments in the Energy described where there is no heat, yet a jet directed at your arm burns off the hairs but without burning the skin! I believe the patents have been suppressed. (Will see if I can find the references to this).

The point really is that once this scientific method is properly understood and fully utilised, thanks to our intention and consciousnes we can resist all attempts to dominate and control us! Here lies our future.

Thanks too to BHD and all the rest.

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