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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
---snipped quotes---

KRISPY This is far sighted, spot on, far reaching and right on the ball.

First off ~ if viewers go to the Main GLP Forum and click down on:

PUTIN is now the New World Oil CZAR ~ follow the Rosneft merger with TNK BP, in the pipe line.

... they can see what lies ahead. CONTROL over DWH and The major Gulf Oil Fields Laboratory is passing from Obama to Russia (and think ODESSA briefcases you pointedly mentioned?)

A few observations now need to be elaborated.

It is entirely agreed there is No JUNK DNA!

It is called JUNK by microbiologist scientists because they do not yet understand the underlying harmonics and e/m fields lurking behind the dynamic, helical structure of our DNA! Otherwise it would be dead.

It is all very well you saying we do not need to reset our DNA, Krispy, you are evidently speaking for yourself!

Think empathetically. Most people are simply not using 90% odd to access dreams, higher dimensions and ancient records like you are!

For them, this is their future! They are being bombarded with useless information leading to the very FEAR intended, to prevent such incoming signals.

There is NO harmonics that can't be worked with,
but it is the trick to figure out and understand how it works.


Here are the KEY words which will unlock the FIELDS, starting with HARMONICS:


Back to the Video and click on: TORUS Dynamo's are FUN, to view a working model.

Even the maths is not too difficult once you know the radii involved, allowing for The GOLDEN MEAN in the /volume and Surface Area measurements. Even The Fine Structure Constant (~1/137) drops out with corresponding FRACTALS.

I know of experiments in the Energy described where there is no heat, yet a jet directed at your arm burns off the hairs but without burning the skin! I believe the patents have been suppressed. (Will see if I can find the references to this).

The point really is that once this scientific method is properly understood and fully utilised, thanks to our intention and consciousnes we can resist all attempts to dominate and control us! Here lies our future.

Thanks too to BHD and all the rest.

 Quoting: PRECEPTOR 26355761

Hi Pre/Per,
Nice post, thnx for all :)

You are right, I was talking in my perspective and for myself, but I know there are many like me out there and in here ... and ofcourse there are many who arnt aware in any way.
But if there are enough humans who OPEN themselves to Harmony and Balance, and with that harmonizing their DNA and utilities, then others will follow automatically ... Maybe it is my hope that there will be enough to initiate when the time is right ... Sorry if I fail in that hope. I see people around me getting more and more aware and growing in consciousness, connecting with dreams and all around them .... But you are right I shouldnt take that as a standart ;) Tnx.

I like the rest you say in your own but specific way of words ;) Yes indeed ! So great to see and feel others see the connections and the dots becoming a whole :D

I didnt hear of the experiments you mention, but it sounds interesting.

You know, I really belief that there is such kind of technology that only WORKS when the one who wishes to work with it has to be in a certain state, or have a certain level of hormones/chemistry ... and that otherwise it just WONT WORK.
Its not about 'controling a machine' but about levelling and harmonising.
Anger and dark-intentions ARE about control, thus one with such a mind-stamp will never be able to work with these technologies and lifeforms/organisms. Its "work with" instead of "use to" ...
In my opinion THIS is also what the "level of melatonin and melanin" is about ! They are responsible for specific abilities and chemistries in our brains and nerve systems. The levels of these 2 chemicals are different in people with a good-intent then in people with bad-intent.
Like I experience it now and what I see projected in my head, is that bad-intent people have a 'closed-conduit' and good-intent people an 'open-conduit' ...
Why I say and see so : Remember the fungus that was found in the Chernobyl reactors ??? --> A black fungus that appeared in rings. And of which their level of melanin were so high. They metabolised the radiation ...

What does this means for us humans and our melanin-levels ? --> If we increase those levels [and they are directly connected with our pineal-gland and thus consciousness], then we will be able to "metabolise" radiation ourselves and all incoming energies in huge quantities & qualities ! It enables us to be an "Open Conduit" !
This is also why people with a certain level of melanin/melatonin will not be and were not negatively affected when contact with the morphing gold in the French sub.
In my opinion, AUgie is not only an organism that helps the Earth get through these energy changes, but also us !
I dare to say that AUgie & our own Intent/Consciousness will make it happen that we will create more white blood cells in our body. This is just a feeling and intuition ... but as BHd and I said : the AUgie-part in our body's are connected with our white bloodcells and lymph-fluid.

[link to www.asknature.org]

"Melanins are unique biopolymers that protect living organisms against UV and ionizing radiation and extreme temperatures…For example, the melanotic fungus C. [Cladosporium] cladosporioides manifests radiotropism by growing in the direction of radioactive particles and this organism has become widely distributed in the areas surrounding Chernobyl since the nuclear accident in 1986 [7]. Both in the laboratory and in the field several other species of melanized fungi grew towards soil particles contaminated with different radionuclides, gradually engulfing and destroying those particles [35,36]…On the basis of these precedents and the results of this study we cautiously suggest that the ability of melanin to capture electromagnetic radiation combined with its remarkable oxidation-reduction properties may confer upon melanotic organisms the ability to harness radiation for metabolic energy." (Dadachova et al. 2007:10-11)

Radiation, they discovered, increases the growth of species that have melanin, the dark pigment that also occurs in human skin. Furthermore, when the investigators irradiated melanin in isolation, they noted dramatic changes in its electronic properties. Melanin seems to capture energy from radiation and convert it to chemical energy, much the way chlorophyll in plants captures the energy of sunlight.

If C. sphaerospermum and the numerous other fungi that make melanin are indeed able to 'radiosynthesize,' fundamental equations describing the Earth's energy balance might need to be recalculated. (PLoS ONE)" (Flores 2007)
 Quoting: article

Other article with image of Black Fungi Rings : [link to digitaljournal.com]

See ??????

(And it is very well possible that the "Black sunstance" found in and around Tokyo is also a fungus that appears coz the radiationlevels are rising high ... Nature just listens to the call, and manifests there where it is needed according to restore balance and harmony, and in this case 'feed of the radiation' ...
[link to fukushima-diary.com] )

What I said about WHITE BLOOD-CELLS is actually true !!!!
Just found a link when searching for 'melanin fungus in Fukushima' jump

[link to online.liebertpub.com]

CD-1 mice were fed melanin-containing black edible mushrooms Auricularia auricila-judae before 9 Gy total body irradiation. The location of the mushrooms in the body before irradiation was determined by in vivo fluorescent imaging. Black mushrooms protected 80% of mice from the lethal dose, while control mice or those given melanin-devoid mushrooms died from gastrointestinal syndrome. The crypts of mice given black mushrooms showed less apoptosis and more cell division than those in control mice, and their white blood cell and platelet counts were restored at 45 days to preradiation levels. The role of melanin in radioprotection was proven by the fact that mice given white mushrooms supplemented with melanin survived at the same rate as mice given black mushrooms.
 Quoting: article


I say no more ...lol...

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