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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
- Low Melatonin Associated with Breast Cancer
[link to naturalsolutionsradio.com]
Melatonin is the hormone made in your pineal gland that not only helps you sleep but also helps synchronize timing in your body, including the rhythmic function of immune cells.

- Melatonin as a radioprotective agent: a review.
[link to newresearchfindingstwo.blogspot.nl]
The hydroxyl radical scavenging ability of melatonin was used as a rationale to determine its radioprotective efficiency. Indeed, the results from many in vitro and in vivo investigations have confirmed that melatonin protects mammalian cells from the toxic effects of ionizing radiation. (...) melatonin as a radioprotector and also in cancer radiotherapy. The potential use of melatonin for protecting individuals from radiation terrorism is also considered.

- Lifeforms Can Clean Up Radiation ... Naturally
[link to georgewashington2.blogspot.nl]
snip 1 :
'Like plants that grow toward the sun, dark fungi, blackened by the skin pigment melanin, gravitate toward radiation in contaminated soil. Scientists have observed the organisms—somewhere between plants and animals—blackening the land around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine in the years since its 1986 meltdown.
"Organisms that make melanin have a growth advantage in this soil," says microbiologist Arturo Casadevall of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. "In many commercial nuclear reactors, the radioactive water becomes contaminated with melanotic organisms. Nobody really knows what the hell they are doing there."'

snip 2 :
"Melanin is very good at absorbing energy and then dissipating it as quickly as possible," says Jennifer Riesz, a biophysicist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. "It does this by very efficiently changing the energy into heat."
But Casadevall and his colleague Ekaterina Dadachova, a nuclear chemist at Einstein, speculate that the melanin in this case acts like a step-down electric transformer, weakening the energy until it is useable by the fungi. "The energy becomes … low [at] a certain point where it can already be used by a fungus as chemical energy," Dadachova argues. "Protection doesn't play a role here. It is real energy conversion."

snip 3 :
Though melanin is typically associated with 'protective' properties – absorbing and safely transforming different electromagnetic wavelengths, such as DNA-damaging ultraviolet light – the researchers had an inkling that a more extraordinary phenomenon was allowing the fungi to prosper; something still involving the combination of melanin and radiation, but beyond the bounds of radioactive protection.
(...) Melanin-containing fungi exposed to the radiation – even when nutrient-starved on purpose – grew significantly larger and up to 2.5 times faster than fungi without melanin and those not exposed to radiation.

According to Yeshiva's Ekaterina Dadachova, the nuclear chemist who led the study, "the presence of melanin in the cells gives them a distinct advantage over non-melanised cells, in terms of better growth [with radiation]."

snip 4 :
some bacteria appear to have this property as well. At least one of the bacteria species discovered [miles underground] lives entirely disconnected from anything on the Earth’s surface or produced by photosynthesis. It uses the radioactive decay of nearby rocks as the energy source to break apart molecules that it then feeds on.

Now with all this information above [snips] and in the articles, we can now see that a high level of melanin is beneficial for transforming and metabolising radiation.

We could read that Nature RESPONDS to radiation by sending out its "melanin fungi-teams" ... It trived in Chernobyl and now is triving in Japan in the most radiated area's.
Melanin-organisms are found in nuclear waste-waters !

Scientists dont understand what they were doing there ...
Well I have an idea, I suggest and guess that :
Melanin is interconnected with the Cherencov radiation, which is the result of NEUTRINO'S ...
We have learned that neutrino-levels [passing through Earth and interacting with matter] have risen exponentially the past few decades. The Space we travel through is highly energised by these and other particles and rays.
I stated that AUgie was "awakened" or re-activated by these neutrino's, they are interlinked, and that these neutrino's were the "Incoming Signals from space" that the OP was talking about.
Then the OP stated that the CARGO reacted to levels of melanin/melatonin.
If your melanin/melatonin-levels are high, you resonate at a different way then when they are low. Coz with higher levels you are able to metabolise energies that with low levels would be toxic or harming.
The more melanin/melatonin, the quicker our white blood-cells will be restored and heal all bad radiation effects.

To me this proofs that AUgie is linked to our white blood-cells, both she and our body are responding and reacting to the changed neutrino levels, and result in and respond to with adapted melanin/melatonin levels.

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