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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
20:10:55 ‹housedad1› Not according to the reports. It was a naturally o ccuring organism, very old, that lives deep in the ground and in lake vostok, antarctica.

20:11:16 ‹housedad1› the one in vostok is supposedly deadlier that the other ones

One man's deadly organism is another's cure all.

My own incites involving Vostok's only treasure, this all encompassing blueprint for life - water, is mentioned as being even more deadly than the 'other'.

The 'other' being that on the sea floor of the GoM. AUgie.

Vostok, 'for me' is about water. Then following the logic above, so is that on the GoM sea floor.

I dont need justification to believe what I do, but it is interesting that HD, from his perspective - and the information passed to him and discussed by the group, see the organism as a threat. (aco's entire story is about it being a threat. The people who asked him to write the story also saw it as a threat)

Water is life. It is us. So if it is viewed as a threat.... then those aligning with that mentality have been suckered in to further disengaging with the planet, and humanity, and backing the bad guys IMHO.

From what breezy has mentioned offline, the same division occured at rand level.

I havent seen anything from 'the other side' on this yet, and cant go to their site to see, but the Kara Sea seems to be experiencing an event similar to the one set up in the GoM.

The nuclear graveyard is one such clue, as are all the other nuclear sites. No wonder they are all considering closing them down.

If jellyfish are the 'mechanic' used to go to sea based events, what is used as a land based RC vehicle? I would guess it is as simple in make up as a jelly.

The above is a thought in the making btw. I have a fair bit more to work on, but some pieces are coming together for me.

Oil and water really dont mix, eh.
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