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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
(aco's entire story is about it being a threat. The people who asked him to write the story also saw it as a threat)
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Every single OP 'release' intel post was scripted, and not by The OP. Most, if not all, were posted without any interpretation at all. Allow me to also post some chat.

<9:29>[Acolyte]: i have the burst but not the interpretation
<9:29>[RubyRidge]: its a risky one, its supposed to be the final before you go
<9:30>[Acolyte]: yes i'm aware of that
<9:30>[RubyRidge]: you are not going to like the interpretation
<9:30>[Acolyte]: i dont care just send it ffs
<9:31>[Acolyte]: im tired ruby, i want out
<9:31>[RubyRidge]: will you post it, even after you've seen the interpretation? i have to know
<9:32>[Acolyte]: yes i wil POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<9:32>[RubyRidge]: calm down
<9:32>[Acolyte]: *you
<9:32>[RubyRidge]: i thought as much
<9:33>[RubyRidge]: where will you go?
<9:33>[Acolyte]: thats my problem
<9:34>[RubyRidge]: ok then, im sending it via cobalt, you can pick up the decoding 2mor
<9:34>[Acolyte]: ok tx
<9:35>[RubyRidge]: i dont like your attitude aco
<9:35>[Acolyte]: see if i care, ffs ruby we RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!, THEY NEED TO KNOW
<9:36>[RubyRidge]: even if they know its to late, it wont help anyone of us or them
<9:36>[Acolyte]: i'm tired of the ignorance is a bliss game ok
<9:36>[RubyRidge]: copied
<9:36>[RubyRidge]: you know im too
<9:37>[Acolyte]: is it bad ruby?
<9:37>[RubyRidge]: its very bad aco, we all going to look out for ourselves
<9:38>[RubyRidge]: they shutting down everything right before it happens
<9:38>[Acolyte]: expected
<9:38>[Acolyte]: most bezerkers still dont believe me
<9:38>[RubyRidge]: i said before you tried, just let it go
<9:39>[Acolyte]: im gonna spend time on chani
<9:39>[RubyRidge]: be carefull
<9:39>[Acolyte]: i will
<9:39>[Acolyte]: ok got it
<9:39>[Acolyte]: will check with cobalt 2mor and get the rrr interpretation
<9:40>[RubyRidge]: noted
<9:40>[RubyRidge]: oao
<9:40>[Acolyte]: oao
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