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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle PRECEPTOR
Post Content
Huh? pick
 Quoting: BadHairDay

fishing for mercury eggs BHD?

Lol, I know, Pre/Per totally screwed up his quotings ..lol... makes it kinda funny ;)

He did not included your text in the quote ..

so I was shocked and headscratching when I thought he said HI MATE !!!!

It just didnt sounded right comming from a GB-man ...hahahah... later I recognised it was your text.
Yes that was a wierd sensation reading that post of his hahahaha ...

 Quoting: Krispy71

Very Sorry, Fellas! A hundred apologies!!

Yes, it was A Snip Too Far !!!

(Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction ~ as I now can see!)

Seriously folks and back to more serious business, allow me to repeat for your attention ...

K. In terms of neutrinos
, if viewers go to NASA detects heartbeats in Black Holes ~ they can see a brilliant model of the x-ray emanations from Black Holes, giving rise to the neutrinos and hence, changes in energy patterns, coupled to our consciousness and intent, now being experienced.

But, its the QUANTUM FORCES (as you say. K) which need to be understood by those scientists who study these things, bringing us right back to scientific proof: by way of Harmonics, Toruses and SUPERSTRINGS of the electromagnetic functions of ex/implosions, as these are now perceived as being involved too.

How interesting that the newly posted main GLP website referring to The New Russian Oil CZAR (taking over control of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil fields) has been hastily deleted?

What's the problem?

 Quoting: PRECEPTOR 26355761

Pre/Per I have no idea what the problem is ... not in this case anyway ..lol...

I agree on the other stuff.

 Quoting: Krispy71

KRISPY, Many thanks for your endorsement.

Seems there there is virtual agreement here on our approach to any such "unused" DNA~ as its the present entanglement of SUPERSTRINGS conventional scientists are hard put to get their heads round, in quantum terms right now.

About: The New Russian Oil CZAR (taking over control of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil fields ...)

Perhaps this announcement and The Russian State Video since removed, drew too much attention to Obama abdicating control over their Gulf Oil Laboratory playpen?

Whether or not the release of AuGie was intended and/or is now out of control, America has washed its hand of the future reponsibility by passing it on to Putin.

Who knows what the consequences might be?

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