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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
20:10:55 ‹housedad1› Not according to the reports. It was a naturally o ccuring organism, very old, that lives deep in the ground and in lake vostok, antarctica.

20:11:16 ‹housedad1› the one in vostok is supposedly deadlier that the other ones

One man's deadly organism is another's cure all.

My own incites involving Vostok's only treasure, this all encompassing blueprint for life - water, is mentioned as being even more deadly than the 'other'.

The 'other' being that on the sea floor of the GoM. AUgie.

Vostok, 'for me' is about water. Then following the logic above, so is that on the GoM sea floor.

I dont need justification to believe what I do, but it is interesting that HD, from his perspective - and the information passed to him and discussed by the group, see the organism as a threat. (aco's entire story is about it being a threat. The people who asked him to write the story also saw it as a threat)

Water is life. It is us. So if it is viewed as a threat.... then those aligning with that mentality have been suckered in to further disengaging with the planet, and humanity, and backing the bad guys IMHO.

From what breezy has mentioned offline, the same division occured at rand level.

I havent seen anything from 'the other side' on this yet, and cant go to their site to see, but the Kara Sea seems to be experiencing an event similar to the one set up in the GoM.

The nuclear graveyard is one such clue, as are all the other nuclear sites. No wonder they are all considering closing them down.

If jellyfish are the 'mechanic' used to go to sea based events, what is used as a land based RC vehicle? I would guess it is as simple in make up as a jelly.

The above is a thought in the making btw. I have a fair bit more to work on, but some pieces are coming together for me.

Oil and water really dont mix, eh.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Hi BHDaddy
[and all other posters/lurkers],

I like your thoughts above. And maybe I have a clue why the one in Vostok is said to be more dangerous ... or is it more CONCENTRATED ????

How about this --->
The "liquid in Vostok" has been surrounded by ICE-CRYSTALS for thousands of years !!! Surrounded, topped by prismatic structures, enhancers.
From one side the Ice-blanket shielded this fluid from direct contact with the outside environment, and from the other side it acted as a preservator yet with ability to connect with the Quantum forces, the neutrino's and other "ray's" that are entangled with this fluid substance.
AUgie in the GOM and in other NOT SHIELDED area's is less "concentrated" and more in ?sync? with the harmonics of Earth now.

Yes, and in this case the 'contact' or connection with Vostok-liquid could result in a SHOCK, a shock for a body-system that is un-pre-paired [!!!] and not at all aware of Consciousness/Intent.
The over-exposure of the contact lead to the incapacity of their body and brain to incorporate & digest the energy and information ... probably their nervous "wires" were literally burned, unable to process it. It caused damage to their system.
Now I ask you : Is this AN ATTACK of the Vostok-liquid ???? Is the liquid to BLAME ????
No, imo it is NOT. The liquid didnt intended to hurt or destroy these other "beings" that came in proximity, it only resonated what it does and IS, IT IS.
Does NUCLEAR waste "ATTACK YOU" when you come to close ??? NO, it IS simply what it is.
The only difference I feel is that Vostok-liquid & AUgie react on Consciousness and Intent.
If a non-athlete tries to run a marathon, yet gets injured on his muscles, is then 'the marathon' to blame ??? NO. This person was just not pre-pared > pre-paired >> "made ready to form a pair" .... If the muscles are equal to the marathon then there is no injury ---> if the Consciousness & Intent are equal to the AUgie/Vostok-liquid then no harm is experienced .... If the precautions [suits en protection] to the nuclear waste/material are equal to the encounter then nothing harmfull will happen.

This all also has a part to do with RESPONSABILITY,
a jockey or an athlete has the responsibility to train and prepare his body, to PAIR the mind and muscles with the event ! If he does not do that, the body and mind are un-pre-paired for the Event.

How can we pre-pair for AUgie and Vostok ???
Actually its not so hard at all : Align yourself [body and mind and consciousness and your intent] with the Universe, and with the events taking place which involve our existance on this planet.
Link with the Earth through a vortex or birthcord, just like the Sun and Earth exchange info and data to eachother, and like the Sun is liked to the Galactic Centre that we turn around ... This connects you with the energy of the Galactic Alignment now taking place !
Make a conscious connection in your mind [visual or not] with your white blood-cells and lymphs, and with your nervous-system [make it stronger and wider in your mind] coz they will be the factors that will alow you to proces/digest/pass-on the higher level of energy then that you were used to.
If you dare, make a peacefull state of mind and connect with AUgie > the White-bloodcell of Earth/the lymph-fluid of Earth. Envision your harmonic intentions and the wish to LEVEL - to (re)entangle.

If you have done this for a while/days weeks, and you feel matured to it, then you can connect with the Vostok-liquid in your mind and in your heart.

This all will build your internal energy-muscles, in this way you take responsability to train yourself [pair yourself] and align with Earth and the Universe, to carry forth that what is needed.
Then you are no longer a VICTIM (dominated), nor a MASTER (dominator)... yet you are EQUAL and FULL WORTHY.

For those who are insecure whether their Consciousness & Intent are good enough to 'level up' , dont be AFRAID ! ----> All you have to do is : TO WANT TO HELP EARTH in this Transformation. Thats basically all that is to it ;)
Never ever be afraid that you are not good enough, or doing to little. Dont be judgemental ! For the specific things you do [great or seemingly small] could be just the essentials needed for your area and your environment !
You are at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing when you have your consciousness & intent aligned with the Cosmic Events.

Back to BHD and his post ... jump

- Rand:
Yes I also recall that at Rand some where in the same mood and vision as OP/aco, but an other part of Rand were not and leaned more to ideas that BHD and I have about The Organism.
It had been said when we were in M7 and some specific personalities (more then 1) later kind-of confirmed it when we were in VC.
Rand was indeed divisioned about what and how and good/bad & toxic/helpfull.

- Nuclear graveyard:
Yes indeed ! This ties back in with one of my posts on the last 2 pages, about the melanin-organisms in nuclear water & neutrino's & AUgie !!!!
Just like every CHANGE in your body goes along with a chemical process which creates HEAT to jump to the next level of Transformation ! -> just like THAT is HEAT needed to result in the Transformation of Earth.

In that viewpoint it isnt strange that the Earth's core is slowing down and thus more heat can travel to the surface and that magma is able to grow [coz it isnt pushed/held back and cooled off like in times of fast spin of the core!].
In this part the Potassium in Earth's mantle is playing along in the decay of natural radioactive material and components in Earth's crust.
We are experiencing a green-house period, but not only Earth yet all planets in our solar-system.
Maybe without knowing, the Elites have created a situation with their nuclear facilities, that makes it more easy for Earth and her organisms to tune in with Cosmic Signals & Universal Events !!!!

It is now logic and understandable why TPTWB/Elites want to engage an ICE-AGE, they want to reduce the HEAT-TRANSFER that helps in the transformation processes !

Nuclear graveyards, nuclear facilities and natural deposits of nuclear elements are used by Earth&Organisms to engage in the process which is needed to level up with the Cosmic-environment.

- Jelly's :
I am curious to your findings and rumblings about that, coz thats one of the few pieces of the puzzle that I am scratching my head on scratching ...lol...

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