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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
KRISPY, Many thanks for your endorsement.

Seems there there is virtual agreement here on our approach to any such "unused" DNA~ as its the present entanglement of SUPERSTRINGS conventional scientists are hard put to get their heads round, in quantum terms right now.

About: The New Russian Oil CZAR (taking over control of the Gulf of Mexico BP oil fields ...)

Perhaps this announcement and The Russian State Video since removed, drew too much attention to Obama abdicating control over their Gulf Oil Laboratory playpen?

Whether or not the release of AuGie was intended and/or is now out of control, America has washed its hand of the future reponsibility by passing it on to Putin.

Who knows what the consequences might be?

 Quoting: PRECEPTOR 26355761

You keep mentioning that piece ...lol... but at the moment it does not trigger any magic in my head :)
We did know from earlier think-booms that Puttin and Obama are playing under 1 blanket, and that Medvedev and China are playing under the other blanket ... and thus with all results from that, Puttin will indeed have more control and access to the GOM-event as well as other events where their oil-factions are in operation [exxon, BP, Shell, etc ..]
[The Bilderbergers -dutch- and the English Royals could be yet an other division, but fall imo also under the blaket of ODESSA and thus the US and Puttin.]

Sorry to correct you again :(
but AUGIE was NOT RELEASED !!! AUgie was naturally activated by the Cosmic Events taking place.
SYNTHIA WAS RELEASED !!! and probably might have grown out of control ...
The Elites think that AUgie is also out-of-control, but thats becoz it is responding to the environment and what needs to happen/heal/re-pair !
Synthia is a mechanism of destruction.

It might so be that Obama has turned to Puttin becoz the Ruskies have said to have more experience with The Organism we called AUgie, and probably also with the Vostok-specimen.

When looked at it this way it isnt that unlogic at all :)

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