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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
You know how there have been many ages of man.

Does man 'discover' and know what to do with a thing on his own? Or does something spark the idea, and place the thing in front of man, and lead him to find uses for the thing?

Does man use the thing because he just thought of it? or because it is now time to use it, which will lead to bigger and better things.

IMHO, one of the things man was NOT supposed to find, and use, was nuclear energy. I think it was an outside introduction, and possibly a threat to the natural order of things. A deliberate threat.

A fair bit of talk about odessa. Is Germany part of odessa now? Modern Germany? I ask this because they are one country who has proposed a scaling down of nuclear energy.

This cant be an easy or light decision. It will hurt their economy, and will cost the average man real money. But they see it as a good thing, and it is.

I dont think the planet likes the stuff. Or looking at it another way, I dont think it made it ready for us to find and use, the way it is intended.

Those jellies seem to find the sites alright.

If reverse EMP is real, and a manufactured technology, then some of the jelly types might be where the tech sprang from? A disarmament mechanism.

Where does the energy go? Away. Seemed to do it on the astute didnt it. Perhaps these Immortal jellyfish are transdimentional, and live not only here, but one part of them lives at another level, and that is how the energy is transfered.

That some of the jellies are impervious to the effects of the organism might be a clue to them not being of this world, or a fundimental part of its workings. When a physical link is required, they swarm and create a neural network?

I have to stop saying organism, because I no longer believe it is an organism. I just think it's part of our world. The scene in the Abyss comes to mind with that giant water tentacle. A lot of that film comes to mind actually, including the nuclear crap. But the tentacle isnt a separate thing, it is just salt water and is controlled.

We may have seen the effects of it before, historically, at places like Lourdes in France, which may be why the Frenchies have such a keen interest. Minute levels of this water, within the drinking water, and the results are magic.

The Vostok water seems concentrated and hidden, ready for release into OUR world. Waiting for the right set of circumstances to be released. Waiting for us, and all other life on the planet to 'find' what we dont even know we are looking for yet. Maybe its actually something we have to forget? or go without. Given this thread's central theme, I would say it's oil dependency.

Maybe we just need to purge ourselves of the crap.

You ever thought whether it was the asprin that got rid of your head ache..... or the big glass of water you drank to send it down? We've been marketed to for 1000's of years and believe so much BS, we take it for gospel.
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