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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Profound statements there BHD ~ recall Lyell Watson, Supernature where the birds learn to peck off the cream on the milk bottle in N.Y ~ 6 weeks later, bingo! They are doing the same thing in Australia!

Then there is advanced information intuited from higher sources, Conan Doyle was a good example, amongst many others.

Personally I have been concerned for a while to discover real scientific proof of such phenomena, in the face of the hard nosed scepticism practised by most conventional scientists.

Not o say that anyone can "intuit" fresh information (like the sparrows in NY) even perhaps unwittingly.

ISIS ~ what you are describing here is of course, the "secret" study of Alchemy, by the likes of Isaac Newton, (The Royal Society), Robert Fludd and John Dee!

We might say for the vast majority who need to "reset" their so-called "JUNK DNA", the importance of the acceptance of the precise harmonics by which this csn be empowered cannot be over emphasised.

The prime example around here is of course, KRISPY who has already done it, which is self evident!

This is ALCHEMY par excellence!

 Quoting: BadHairDay

- on jelly fish.

I'm gonna harp on about water again. LOL. Regardless of whether it's in the sky, or in rivers and lakes, or underground in aquifers, or stored as ice, or in the sea and oceans, evetually it all mixes, and touches.

We all carry water molecules billions of years old.
We are all predominantly made up of water, yeah?

Science is starting to see that DNA is quantum, and effects the Universe as much as it effects the DNA. That makes DNA a quantum engine of sorts.

You mention the so-called, JUNK DNA?

Jellies are even more water than we are, and live in it. Maybe they are the connection between our planet, in terms of passing on instructions physically, which are then transmitted, or inducted into the very water they swim in.

Eventually that water will become enfused, and entangled with new instructions, and will impart that into the greater realm, but also localised, and in specific food chains, water ways and climates.

Not sure still about their supposed gravitation towards all things nuclear, but that might have something to do with this entanglement, sending the bad vibes elsewhere?

So maybe the jellies set the tone for anything new? And like PrePer mentioned on the sparrows, eventually spreads the vibe throughout the living world.

That so called junk DNA might just be waiting there to soak up a whole mess of new instructions.

If we take what was written about the French sailors who died, after they had morgellon "LIKE" symptoms, and issues with morphing internally, then it would seem a living entity cannot undertake rapid change without the end result being death.

A painfully slow process might cause a hed ache here and there, but once just ONE piece of junk DNA gets the new messages, it wont take long for the whole system to update.

Thanks for the idea PrePer.
Am I the 100th monkey then?
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Looks like you might be!

Because ~ however much you shake Oil & Water in a test tube BHD, they separate and never mix?

Spray seeps off the sea waves as the salt crystalises whilst the clouds roll over the land, eventually raining down on streams and rivers and finally, ~ back into the sea starting all over again? An infinitely dynamic process.

Does the combined oxygen, hydrogen and water in the universe remain constant ~ I ask myself?

And us? Our DNA according to Crick & Watson, is structured helically in polygons, 5- and 6-sided geometric figures BONDED together ("a tautomeric shift") by HYDROGEN, but, where does it gt it from?

From Water ~ of paramount Vitality in our living make-up! And the water thousands of years old is all Interconnected as you point out carrying with it a Memory? Yes, according to Beneviste (Fr) in his Memory of Water!

For which he was hounded by conventional scientists!

So apart from the "vibes
" of The Harmonics, is this also a means by which information (like the bottle top bird pecking signals) can be sent separately, right round the Globe, ~ yet to become collective so that the whole system updates, one wonders?

Since Oil & Water never mix?

Once our latent, unused DNA can be activated as is now suggested, we can pick up and store these signals via the necessary vibes, apart from those which may be intuited from other dimensions as can now be proved potentially, to be a case in point.

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