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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Wauw Isis !! Fantastic !!!

Scroll down this site for the earth circling, it shows the gravity field. I need to move.

[link to op.gfz-potsdam.de]

 Quoting: Isis7

Yellows and greens are normal ...
Lets have a look at the ABNORMAL area's :

IMAGE GRAVITY [link to op.gfz-potsdam.de]
WORLD MAP [link to www.mapsofworld.com]

STRONG GRAVITY, pulling Earths crust down
2 Area's that go in the minus (around and below -100) are INDIA (southern tip and off-shore),
its a massive light blue almost turquoise area !!!
Bizarrrrr !!!

The other blue area is in the area of the ALTAI MOUNTAINS
(between Altai mountains, Lake Balkhash and Tien Shan)!!!!

we/I have discussed them more then once !!!
To fresh up the mind,

reposts :
Guess who has a new brain twister thread on GLP. Acolyte. lol

Same MO as in this thread. For those interested check it out.

Thread: Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.

 Quoting: seeker2

Looked at a few pages of that thread.
The post about Fort Polk took my attention ... Thread: Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand. (Page 69)
could there be something relating to and connecting to BEZERK ?

* I dough this up from the internet (from a post in which a soldier asks why everyone laughs when hearing that he is going to PF)

Reply on soldiers post:
"Fort Polk opened in 1941 as a 95,406 Acre installation, but was expanded to 198,000 when it engulfed some satellite installations. During World War Two, it had wooden billeting space for 2,477 Officers and 40,790 Enlisted, most of it on the 100,000 Acre Main Post. Following the war, Guard and Reserve units were bivouacked in the Boonies for Annual Training, and that is when Polk’s reputation as being the Armpit of the Army ceased to be a closely guarded secret. During the Vietnam War, Polk trained more Infantry troops than any other installation, with that mission coming to a close in 1974. This is when Congress authorized a major revamping of the post by replacing much of the wooden buildings, establishing Polk as the home station for the 5th ID, which mission ended when the 5th ID was deactivated in 1992. The JRTC took its place in 1993, and is now the major tenant. Further major upgrading took place in 2002, and so Fort Polk arrived at the condition you know and love today. Given the neck—of—the—woods that surround Fort Polk, it is no wonder that its reputation has survived, even with the draining of most of the swamps that once were the rule rather than the exception, which means that the flies have been reduced, and the Gators and Snakes are controlled."

SWAMPS .. swamps water and gas ...
related to the sinkholes and saltdomes ????

That Fort Polk must be specialised in something concerning that ....

I found this article :

Fort Polk brigade prepares for deployment
[link to www.leesvilledailyleader.com]
August 30. 2012


Some words made some connections in my mind,
whether they are legit has to tell time ...

Warrior Field ----> terracotta warriors ? ...
Kazakhstan ----> special DNA-strains down there amongst the populous

These soldiers will be training with Kazakh forces as well as representatives from six other NATO countries for approximately 23 days in joint operations to improve the military relations with other NATO forces and to provide training situations that may be anticipated in combat.
"Steppe Eagle" has become an annual training exercise involving the Kazakh military and NATO forces that began 12 years ago. This year's training exercises will be the first year that Team Wild Boar will be participating as an active duty combat team.

Just like the subs had joint excercises ....

Wild Boar --> known to put his NOSE IN the GROUND ! to SEEK IN the SOIL !

The soldiers will be culturally immersed in the area and will help train the Kazakh Army while fostering the growing relationship with the Kazakh, and other foreign armies. It is important for the participants to get acquainted with one another so they are better prepared to work together on the battlefield, so they better anticipate the forces on the field and be able to help one another in times of need.

culturally immersed in the area --> in Dutch the translation is "to go in the water" and "to be bathed in" ... What have we been discussing here at Bezerk : WATER !!!!
Is there something "special" with the WATER in Kazachstan?
Or do they want to DO something-to or ADD to the water ?

This would be nice to look into ...

Are there many sinkholes and failing saltdomes reported in Kazachstan ????

and other foreign armies --> ODESSA aligned ?

"This is an exciting opportunity for this Battalion and Company," Reickert said.
Kazakhstan, located in central Asia and Europe, is the ninth largest country in the world by land area, neighbored to the north by both Russia and China.

Not ODESSA-alligned ...
(at least Russia only half with Medvedev, Puttin is ODESSA-Allied)

* Next I went googling for keywords : Kazachstan, sinkholes

Then I saw this link [link to www.nskdiggers.ru] and it immediately struck my memory lane ! We already posted about the Altai Mountains here at Bezerk !!!

In a next post I will repost the bezerk posts,
but now I will start with the text that belongs to the link :
General information
Altay (Altai) mountains is a large system of ridges situated at the junction of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China (see some short general facts at external links [1], [2]). Although the karst of Russian Altay has being investigated during last 100 years, the active exploration was done mostly on the northern edge of the mountains where ridges are low (~1000 m above the sea level), valleys populated and roads exist. A number of significant caves was found in the close vicinity of the M-52 route ("Chuysky trakt"), the main route, that crosses Altay from north to south, and goes to Mongolia. The list of the largest known Altay caves can be seen here. That said, the geological evidence suggests that the ridges of inner Altay also have the limestone and developed karst landscapes. Although the highest southern ridges – Katunsky (Belukha mnt 4506 m), Severo-Chuysky (4173 m), Juzhno-Chuysky (3936 m), Sajlugem (4374 m) – do not contain carbonate rock, the ridges of central part, which are significantly lower but still rather high (up to 2500 m) are often crossed by stripes of ancient limestones and marbles. One of the largest limestone massifs is situated in the riverheads of Katun river right tributaries (Sumulta, Kadrin, Ailagush). See fig.1.
Fig.1 Russian Altay. The main object of interest – limestones at the riverheads of Kadrin and Sumulta – is hardly available without airforces.
At the geological map of 1:200000 scale the massif is marked as Snbr (see fig.2) that means Sinian system, Baratal sunk and corresponds to 650 millions years age.
The only group that worked on the Kadrin-Sumulta massif was lead by G.Maksimov. The team twice (1990, 1991) reached the plateau on the right edge of Kadrin valley by helicopter and attempted to dig out the cave entrances to get the access to the hypothetical plateau drainage system. Although Maksimov’s team did not find any large caves in this region (the largest barely exceed 50 m in length), the author writes: "The number of karst sinkholes is huge" while the height difference between sinkholes and erosion basis (Kadrin valley), i.e. cave's depth potential is up to 1 km. Thus our main goal is the search of the deep caves on the ridge between riverheads of Kadrin and Sugary (hereafter the Ridge).

Fig.4 Realistic and optimistic routs to the ride by offroad truck. Also several large scale sinkholes are visible on the map of the Ridge. One can see, that largest sinkholes are concentrated in the southern part, sadly enough the area where depth potential does not exceed 300-500 m. Large picture available by click (1.3Mb).

According to unconfirmed information the Sugary riverhead may be accesible by offroad military truck (GAZ-66 or equivalent). In this case there is hope that the whole Ridge is accessible by truck as it is expected to be dry alpine meadow (above the forest zone).

The general goal of current expedition is to start the exploration of the "new" region.

Wow wow wow !!!!!
>> do not contain carbonate rock !!!!
>> The main object of interest Limestone of 650 millions years age !!!
>> sinkholes
>> hypothetical plateau drainage system
[and thus the suspectance of ("SPECIAL") water or wells .... ]
>> military activity

 Quoting: Krispy71

Altai .. sinkholes & saltdomes .. military actions .. Acolyte's hint ...

afro Then the repost of the posts already posted about Kazachstan & Altai :

Massive meteorite found in China
[link to www.mnn.com]
Tue, Jul 26 2011

A massive space rock – one that could rank as one of the largest meteorites ever recovered – has been found in a remote and mountainous region in northwest China,
... found in the Altai mountains in China's Xinjiang Uygur province,

... "It may be the second largest iron meteorite, which can cause a sensation in China and also attract attention from [the] world's meteorite fields. It comes from outside solar system and it is of great appreciating value and of more scientific value."



Interresting points:
- found in CHINA (Altai mountains)
- SECOND found in same region
- from OUTSIDE our solarsystem (= alien)

- !!! Other largest example was found in NAMIBIA !!!
Remember that posting from Krumpled that "sniper had left WINDHOEK" ? ---> Windhoek is a city in Namibia !!!!!

- The other piece was in Argentina. (near/next to CHILE !!!)
(I can vaguely remember something -pagesssss ago- about finding an antipode of a quake near Argentina and Uruguay ...
YES BINGO !! I just looked it up and Argentina's ANTIPODE = CHINA !!! We talked about it when the Great Chinese Wall was activated !!!! And when that MINE-ACCIDENT in Chile happened !
TOOOOO much coïncidence !!

- An other piece was found in GREENLAND
---> well think about what Aco said : Greenland was -at that time- the only SPLASHZONE on LAND instead of in/on water !!!
The antipode of Greenland = Antarctica !!

- How COÏNCIDENTAL : The mountains where this meteorite was found "Altai mountains" is enlisted as ---> Golden Mountains of Altai !!!

snip: [link to whc.unesco.org]
The region has a rich cultural heritage. The first humans appeared in the region almost 1 million years ago, as evidenced by Palaeolithic settlements in the region of Gorno-Altaisk. The Golden Mountains area was part of emerging and collapsing tribal unions, khanates, and the empires of the Scythians, Turks, Uigurs, Yenissey Kirgiz, Kidans, Mongols and Oitrats ...

Wiki: [link to en.wikipedia.org]
The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in central Asia, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan come together, and where the rivers Irtysh and Ob** have their sources.

The Siberian Altai represents the northern most region affected by the tectonic collision of India into Asia. Massive fault systems run through the area, including the Kurai fault zone and the recently identified Tashanta fault zone. These fault systems are typically thrusts or right lateral strike-slip faults, some of which are tectonically active.
On 27 September 2003 a massive earthquake, measuring MW 7.3, occurred in the Chuya Basin area to the south of the Altai region. Seismic activity is however a rare occurrence.

** The OB river flows into the Kara Sea !!!!

xinjiang uygur province & the Great Chinese Wall
the Great Wall built in Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.), the total length exceeded more than 10,000 kilometers, from the east of Liaoning Province to you suck Nur in the southeastern portion of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to the recent investigations of China's Greal Wall experts.

- we have an outer solarsystem (alien) meteorite !
- we have a link to the GCW !
- we have a link to GOLDEN mountains !
- we have a link to the Kara Sea !
[edited sept 28 2012] - and we have a link to ancient DNA ! The first humans appeared in the region almost 1 million years ago !

 Quoting: Krispy71

Then on the same page more about Altai and some very interesting Lakes in Kazachstan connected with Baikal and many other (already discused) Bezerk matters !!! :

Amazed and inspired by the post above I looked up a LAKE that is there :

Lake Balkhash

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Interresting details are :
- Lake Balkhash is one of the largest lakes in Asia and 12th largest continental lake in the world. It is located in southeastern Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, and belongs to an endorheic (closed) basin shared by Kazakhstan and China, with a small part in Kyrgyzstan. The basin drains into the lake via seven rivers. The major one is the Ili River, ... . The Ili is fed from precipitation (largely vernal snowmelt) from the mountains of China's Xinjiang region.

- The lake is divided by a strait into two distinct parts. The western part is fresh water, while the eastern half is saline
The western part is relatively shallow, quiet and is filled with freshwater, whereas the eastern part is much deeper and saltier. These parts are connected by the Strait Uzynaral.

- These lakes are remnants of an ancient sea which once covered the entire Balkhash-Alakol depression, but was not connected with the Aral–Caspian Depression.[8]

I did a googlesearch on : Lake Balkash, Altai mountains
and found something amazing ...


Talking aboud GRIDS and SACRET places !!! Gates ???

Remember my post about TUNGUSKA ??? (meteorite)
And lake BAIKAL !
@ 7/18/2011 9:31 AM Thread: Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine (Page 1267)

Earth Chacra's :
Planetary Gate 25. Altai Mountains, Siberia and Mongolia

[link to worldalchemy.bravehost.com]

Over 6000 years ago the Mobile Planetary 6th Chakra was focused on Mount Belukha in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia-Russia to activate the Aeon of Taurus. It was at this time that the legends of Shambhala, the hidden city of the Immortals, first came into being. This was the cultural name given to the 6th planetary chakra while it was in this area. This focus of Shambhala also extended into the Gobi desert and areas of Tibet.

The Altai Structural Component is at Lake Balkhash [46° 15' lat 74° 30' long] in Kazakhstan. Lake Balkhash forms a Bonded Partnership with the Creative Gate 44 Component - Tunguska
. The Altai Creative Component is centred on Lake Baikal in Siberia. Lake Baikal, is the oldest and deepest lake in the world, forms a Bonded Partnership with Lena-Muna juncture in Siberia --snip--


[link to worldalchemy.bravehost.com]


 Quoting: Krispy71

remnants of an ancient sea
 Quoting: Krispy71

I will reply about the other abnormalies in the next post ...

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