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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Oh wow! I didnt realise the importance of Isis's link before regarding the gravity. That is interesting.

I tell you what though, all this layered information is doing my head in. LOL.

Overlaying gravity wells, salinity issues, thermal issues, wars, oil spills, animal deaths etc can become a bit overwhelming trying to keep track.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Yes I know what you mean ...
my head is also spinning on my chair ... pfff...

Just sow the specific gravity-anomaly locations in Isis's link and wondered if they could be linked to Bezerk-matters discussed before ...
And imo I think they do in some cases ....

I wondered if the Great Wall of China overlapped such an anomaly too ...
Image-map of the wall [link to www.zonu.com]
Image-map of 'Bouguer gravity anomaly' of China [link to www.zonu.com]
This purple area does match a part of the turquoise area in Isis's link, and a part of the Great Wall is there too ... From the early Han Dynasty ... maybe it has relevance .... idk ...

Have fun analysing it ;)

Its half past 3 in the middle of the night ...
I am gonna sleep on it.



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