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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
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Hey all. I wrote a fair bit and posted a lot of co-ordinates of these huge spirals in the Australian outback a while back. Mainly at the other place.

After much research, including categorising of pics, taking measurements etc, and looking for reasons for these amazing structures, my correspondence with the local Arrernte people who lay claim to this part of the outback bore some interesting information.

But, not what I had hoped for. :(

The spirals were constructed to prevent the big dust storms that were a problem during the drought of 1959-1969.

Apparently the airport, at Alice Springs, was in danger of being closed due to dust issues, so 'experts' were bought in to work on the problems of dust suppression and high erosion.

Their solution was to introduce buffel grass, and there were a number of planting patterns tried in a 10km radius around the airport - spiral, ponding curves, pitting and staggered furrow.

All of which can be seen on the Google maps.

The buffel grass has since been classified a noxious weed and worsens the impact of grassfires. But the planting patterns are still visible. Some years more so than others, depending on rain fall.

So, sadly, no ancient spirals here. They were constructed by wrapping a water filled 44 gallon drum with rope, and unwinding it, walking in a counter clockwise direction, whilst always keeping the rope taught. That is why most of the spirals are perfect. Loose gravel was poured over the path made, and the grass planted. Over time the grass died off, and the soil blew away, leaving the spirals.

The local aborigines werent even aware of them. But, they did give me so much information on the area, and small spirals they made and maintained at water holes. They found that use of a spiral quite ironic, given it was a drought measure. "Stupid white folks".

I finally got this info from the Arid Zone Research Institute library.

All was not lost, and I have learned a great deal, plus a few stories shared regarding the base near by, and why they reckon it is there. More to do on that aspect...

Now, here's the fun bit. I know of at least (5) major players in the conspiracy game, who made all kinds of wild claims about these spirals, and not one of them bothered to do their research. Gooses. I might have a little fun with that, especially given two of them said they went there, measured the 'gravitron' energy of the area, and had amazing results, similar to crop circles....


Not what I really wanted to find out. But research doesnt always pan out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you want something to be true.

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