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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Lately were are seeing and whitnessing many PIPELINE ruptures and failures ..

Did you know that geomagnetic storms have influences on pipelines ????

Geomagnetic Effects on Pipelines
[link to www.spaceweather.gc.ca]
- To carry large amounts of liquid or gas underground or under the sea ... pipelines are built from steel to be able to withstand the pressure.
- damage to pipelines can come not only from physical cracking, but from corrosion of the pipeline steel. (To prevent corrosion, the pipeline steel is covered with an isolating coating and connected to special devices, called cathodic protection rectifiers.)
- Through tiny holes in the pipeline coating, ... the pipeline steel may come into contact with the soil, water or moist air and be subject to corrosion.
- This electrochemical reaction can be inhibited by maintaining the pipeline steel negative (cathode) with respect to the surrounding soil (anode). It can be done by connecting the negative output of a DC power supply to the pipeline and the positive output to the anode devices placed in the soil so that electric currents flow from the anode to the pipeline. In this arrangement the pipeline is the cathode of the circuit; that is why this method is called "cathodic protection".
- Variations of the Earth's magnetic field induce electric currents in long conducting pipelines and surrounding soil.
- These time-varying currents, named "telluric currents" ..., create voltage swings in the pipeline-cathodic protection rectifier system and make it difficult to maintain pipe-to-soil potential in the safe region. During magnetic storms, these variations can be large enough to keep a pipeline in the unprotected region for some time, which can reduce the lifetime of the pipeline.

[link to www.brighthub.com]
It isnít just power grids that fall prey to these blasts from space. On June 4, 1989, in the midst of a huge solar storm, a gas pipeline in Russia exploded, destroying part of the Trans Siberian Railroad and killing 500 people.
The geomagnetic, solar storm caused by the CME had set up currents in the pipeline that ignited the gas.

So the more and more increasing pipeline-failures and resulting explosions, are not only caused by alterations/shiftings in the soil or to destabilising rock/plates (and connected with the sinkholestuff, resolving saltdomes)
but ... cauzed by magnetic storms from space that cause electrical changes that result in damage/erosion of pipelines. That togetter with the changed composition of the oils and gasses --> think Synthia and other GM-bacteria and "IRON-LOVING bacteria" !!! Of course AUgie could play into this to, if she is indeed, as we suspect, an enhancer of electro-magnetical fields, like all Crystalline forms are.

(I had no idea that electricity was involved in this ! )

So all or many of the explosions and the fires, in the US and worldwide, could be tied together with the increased magnetical storms from 'outerspace' [sun and beyond i.e. Galactic Centre]

Now I have an other question :

What would CME's and the ELECTRIC/magnetic CHANGES do to a SALT DOME ???


What I found on internet :

-Wick GL, Isaacs JD.
Calculations indicate that a typical oil-bearing salt dome along the Gulf Coast of the United States contains more energy in its salt than is present in its oil. The magnitude of the potential salinity gradient energy is even greater when all of the salt domes are considered.



- Influence of salinity on bioremediation of oil in soil.
Rhykerd RL, Weaver RW, McInnes KJ.
[link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
SALT IS USED TO adjust the soil solution electrical conductivities,
and Removal of salts from oil and salt contaminated soils before undertaking bioremediation may reduce the time required for bioremediation.

Interesting ... if micro and macro are the same, and if cell-domes could be compared to saltdomes ...

- Electrical currents flow out of domes formed by cultured epithelial cells.
Sugahara K, Caldwell JH, Mason RJ.
[link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]
The data support the hypothesis that sodium is transported across the entire monolayer and leaks back mainly through the domes. We conclude that domes in epithelial monolayers are not predominantly special sites of active transport but are more likely simply areas of weak attachment to the substratum.

Next information is truly amazing in respect to the post ISIS made [colorful Earth potato]
and the research I did to look what and why specific area's were PINK/red (the bulges) and AQUA/turquoise (the suck-in's).
We learned that they were both GRAVITATIONAL ANOMALY AREA's !!!
Just go back and reread my post !!!!! jump
(* Sorry I knew it was important when I posted it, but it seems more relevant even NOW !)

- [PDF]
1 The principles and limitations of geophysical exploration methods

A salt dome has physical properties that are different from the surrounding sediments and which enable its
detection by geophysical methods. These properties are:
(1) a relatively low density;
(2) a negative magnetic susceptibility;
(3) a relatively high propagation velocity for
seismic waves; and
(4) a high electrical resistivity (specific resistance).

The relatively low density of salt with respect to its
surroundings renders the salt dome a zone of anomalously low mass. The Earthís gravitational field is perturbed by subsurface mass distributions and the salt dome therefore gives rise to a gravity anomaly that is negative with respect to surrounding areas.

The location of the salt dome is known from both drilling and mining operations and its subcrop is indicated. It is readily apparent that there is a well-defined
negative gravity anomaly centred over the salt dome and the circular gravity contours reflect the circular outline of the dome. Clearly, gravity surveys provide a powerful method for the location of features of this type.
A less familiar characteristic of salt is its negative magnetic susceptibility, ... This property of salt causes a local decrease in the strength of the Earthís magnetic field in the vicinity of a salt dome.

With this part below the mysterious rumblings came to mind ...

Seismic rays normally propagate through salt at a higher velocity than through the surrounding sediments. A consequence of this velocity difference is that any seismic energy incident on the boundary of a salt body is partitioned into a refracted phase that is transmitted through the salt and a reflected phase that travels back through the surrounding sediments. These two seismic phases provide alternative means of locating a concealed salt body. ... rays transmitted through any intervening salt dome will travel at a higher average velocity than in the surrounding medium and, hence, will arrive relatively early at the recording site.

If seismic rays propagate at a higher velocity, and the signals arive earlier at the recording site ...
This makes me wonder about cosmic rays, or Human/Alien Signals ??? And about the signals from under the Wall of China !!!! scratching

Earth materials with anomalous electrical resistivity may be located using either electrical or electromagnetic geophysical techniques. ... by making use of the natural Earth currents (telluric currents) generated by the motions of charged particles in the ionosphere. These currents extend to great depths within the Earth and, in the absence of any electrically anomalous material, flow parallel to the surface. A salt dome, however, possesses an anomalously high electrical resistivity and electric currents preferentially flow around and over the top of such a structure rather than through it. This pattern of flow causes distortion of the constant potential gradient at the surface that would be associated with a homogeneous subsurface and indicates the presence of the high-resistivity salt.

So SALT-DOMES are safe places regarding the geomagnetic-storms and their resulting effects !

A little bit more about these gravity anomalies :

[link to www.cps-amu.org]
In most cases, the density of sedimentary rocks increases with depth because increasing pressure reduces porosity. Uplifts usually bring denser rocks nearer the surface and thereby create positive gravity anomalies. Faults that displace rocks of different densities also can cause gravity anomalies. Salt domes generally produce negative anomalies because salt is less dense than the surrounding rocks. Such faults, folds, and salt domes trap oil, and so the detection of gravity anomalies associated with them are crucial in petroleum exploration.

In the same article as above > the electrical conductivity of fresh and salt waters :

For most rocks, the electrical conductivity is governed to a large degree by the amount of water filling the pore spaces and the amount of salt dissolved in this water. Pure water has a very low electrical conductivity. On the other hand, seawater, which contains high levels of dissolved salts such as NaCl, is a relatively good conductor of electrical current. Groundwater can vary in salt content from fresh through brackish (slightly salty) to saline (similar in salt content to seawater) through to hyper-saline (more salty than seawater).

Hmmm 'China' and 'the Wall & terracotta warriors' come to mind with the line below !!!

Rocks containing appreciable clay usually have low resistivity.

The article above talks about many types of surveys and measurements,
my mind went back to the calibrators and the Z-moving vessel !
To me it looks as they could have been also monitoring the MIGRATION of oil & salt & water (all different in magnetics and electrical resistivity). Since domes and caverns were dissolving and hence collapsing beneath the sea-floor in the GOM.
They also clearly were watching the effects of Cosmic signals (>geomagnetic storm effects of CME's and other Space-events) on the seafloor, domes, caverns, etc ...

[link to techplace.datapages.com]
The combined geology and geophysics of the Gulf of Mexico make this vast basin area an anomaly unique on the crust of the earth. The Gulf is a great gravity maximum and is relatively featureless in its magnetic picture.
The conclusion is warranted that the central Gulf itself is an undisturbed portion of the earth's crust destined to sink further and to receive many thousands of feet of sediments which will be deposited in discreet limited basins encroaching from the shore of the North American continent.
Moot questions are: The amount of sediments in the Gulf and the extent of the Jurassic (?) salt.

Back to China & the Negative Gravity Anomaly in the mountains as showed in the link that ISIS gave us.

It is a bit hard to determine exactly, but it looked that a part of the Great Wall of China [from the HAN dynasty] was connected with this area of negative gravity anomaly.
Does that mean that it is connected and build on top of a SALT vein ???
Wiki sais : "The Bouguer anomalies usually are negative in the mountains because of isostasy: the rock density of their roots is lower, compared with the surrounding earth's mantle." ....but the area, if we recall it was an area beneath the tip of India, then nothing on India itself, nothing in the Himalaya Mountains but then suddenly again a whole large area of aqua/turquoise !! Streching from west China to Mongolia and further east ! Typically NOT ALL mountain, just parts of it.
Wiki : "Salt domes are typically expressed in gravity maps as lows, because salt has a low density compared to the rocks the dome intrudes. Anomalies can help to distinguish sedimentary basins whose fill differs in density from that of the surrounding region" > Thus indicating that these blue area's contain a LOT OF SALT !

Now lets think :
-Salt that protects from eletromagnetical currents,
-the Great Wall [possibly a part] build ON TOP of it ...
-as a marker or a hider ????
-That gives again food to think about the SIGNAL said to be beaconed from inside the WALL (that from China or the one from Antarctica?)

The Tarim-basin in West China :
Case study: Seismic acquisition research on salt dome structure in Tarim Basin
Xu Ligui*, Yan Feng and Shi Haifeng , BGP , CNPC

Tarim basin, located in the west of China with an area of
560,000km2, is the biggest oil-gas-bearing basin in China .
In the significant thickness of sedimentary mantle formed
in Camberian, Carboniferous, and Tertiary periods, there
exit four layers of salt beds, among which the salt bed distributed in the lower Tertiary system of Kuche foreland basin in the north of Tarim is related most to the
enrichment of petroleum and natural gas.

So we have come a bit closer in a few things :
1. pipelines and geomagnetic storms
2. salt domes and geomagnetic storms [their resistivity]
negative gravity anomaly centred over the salt dome,
electric currents preferentially flow around and over the top of such a structure rather than through it
3. Seismic rays normally propagate through salt at a higher velocity and travel faster
4. a oil-bearing salt dome contains more energy in its salt than is present in its oil
5. Removal of salts from oil and salt contaminated soils before undertaking bioremediation
6. faults, folds, and salt domes trap oil
7. "Pure (fresh) water" has a very low electrical conductivity
8. the gravity anomaly in West China is connected with salt plates and salt domes ... and ... oil & gas

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