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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
Many thanks to Trinity for lifting of ban. hf

I posted a lot of hexidecimal on another thread, and it seems that the bot/programming here picked it up as something else... or it did something else on this site as a result. Ooops. All fixed now, and my hexidecimal sentence is now mostly replaced with the word - idiot. Soz.


The exploding platform is different to the release of unknown fluids at the other site. Two seperate events. One has stopped being reported, whilst the other is shrouded in emotion and speculation on how this happened.

Who remembers them being separate events now though?

In other lands, where one might go on vacation.. I posted the following images. The first is the cross section of the Assumption sink hole. It gives you the scale of the thing, which just makes you sit back and realise how big these domes are. And the domes are only the 'mushroom head' of a bigger system below them, in veins, pillows and huge areas of salt, hundrds of miles in all directions.

[link to i824.photobucket.com]

The next pic shows a cross section from waht we call dry land all the ways down to deep water, where DWH was. The common element, a side from rock was salt, and you can clearly see the layers of salt, and how deep they go, and how far they go. Indeed, they go far beyond this small cross section.

[link to i824.photobucket.com]

But, a cross section is just that, a small cut away of a 3D environment. To truly grasp what we have been looking at over the last two years, especially with regard to what BP did to the sea floor, look at the next pic showing all the drill sites, especially in and off Louisiana. 28,000 wells, rigs, platforms, reserves, capped wells, exploratory wells - and only 6,500 monitored....

[link to i824.photobucket.com]

We've seen these pics before. But not together, to see a 3D example of what went down. With all these holes in the sea bed, is it any wonder that they cracked the top of one of these giant salt formations, leading to a cascade failure all the way up to dry land?

Assumption is the start.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Good post !
And great to have you back from bankaytion ;)

xxx K
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