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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
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Magnetic North Pole Shift Analysis
It's not wandering. It's shifting. But is it reversing? Will a physical axis shift follow?

Source: [link to globalrumblings.blogspot.nl]
 Quoting: RoXY

In current scientific thinking, pole shifts have really only one way of occuring.

In expanding Earth theory, the expansion of the Earth makes the whole pole shift idea make a tonne more sense, in that the point we consider solid, immovable ground has actually moved elsewhere, whilst the pole itself has stayed put.

The new land over the pole is the recorded as the north or south pole for a period of time.

I like that much more than current thinking.

The reversal idea I'm not so sure of, in terms of physical points of change. That I believe is a magnetic occurence, and more than likely a response to what the Sun is up to. As it goes through polarity, even multiple polarity changes, maybe our worlds do too. Maybe these fields are necesary for the type of life and lives we will lead?
 Quoting: BadHairDay


I agree on the expanding theory and the shifting lands and stationary poles :)

About the "reversal" : there are numerous events documented and noted down and painted down throughout history that speak and show events where the SUN showed up in the other direction then normally ...
Rotation reversal has occurred a few times (3 or 4) in recorded history, and might have happened more often before that.

It is a known occurrance even in our own solarsystem where planets change rotational direction.
In some scientific corners they think of the core of the Earth like a dynamo, which 'winds up' towards high speed (and cooling) and 'unwinds' towards slower acceleration (heating up) where there will be a "TURNING POINT" ... this has been witnessed as the Event in which the Sun showed up in the 'wrong' direction.
This is not just a legend, its a fact (for some scientists).

With a rotation-reversal, the poles stay on top and below the planet, there does not have to happen a change in the degree of wobbel ... or that the equator/poles moves 20% or 10% or whatever ... ... it could happen but it is not necessary.

Now polarity change and rotation reversal dont have to occur every time at the same time, if I remember it correctly. It is connected with cycles in cycles. And we know a BIG CYCLE is almost at its peak/max/top/etc ...

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