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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
Morning all :)

32 years ago tomorrow (11-20-80) anniversary of ANOTHER sink hole/salt dome disaster in Louisiana.

Great explanatory graphics- gives a clear visual as to what happened.

It's about 10 mins- but flies by.


 Quoting: 1221 28007056

 Quoting: 1221 28007056

Hey Bubbah! Yeah, Lake Peigneur, from memory was seeded on to this thread by none other than BeePeeOilDisaster guy back in the day. He knew his stuff, or was advised well.

I guess the main difference between Assumption and Peigneur, is that I dont think Assumtion was 'caused' by anything done by drillers or man, directly.

I reckon its a result of exactly what happened at Peigneur, but 200 miless away, at the Macondo area.

Difference being, Lake peigneur was a relatively small lake, yet did all that, reversed the flow of a river, sucked all that crap in to the mines etc, whilst DWH has a few 'gajillion' tonnes of water above it, and the same in pressure from below from the deep oil flows.

Same end result though, water ingress, and partial dissolving of salt layers, mainly at the border of the salt and the rock strata, allowing more and more water in.

Only taken 2 years to get to Assumption.

At 1:42 in the vid, a quick cleaned up cut away showing only salt formations is shown. Try and imagine the scale of what they show there, with the mushroom shaped domes being miles high and wide. The over all salt layers, domes etc just seem to go on forever.

I cant help but remember that during or very near to hurricane Isaac hitting the coast, the mighty Missi' reversed flow for I think 14 hours. It was explained as the storm surge hitting.

Not likely. Hows about a cavern collapse, sucking in all that water back upstream, only to equalise and the river's flow resumes.

But that would be too coincidental to have that happen and a 'covering' hurricane at the same point. Points to controlled weather practices too.

I wonder if we'll ever know the truth of it?
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