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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
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Texas Brine reports H2S at sonic well.... Things are ramping up
Thread: Texas Brine reports H2S at sonic well.... Things are ramping up
 Quoting: Isis7

Thanks Isis. The use of the word sonic is not well explained in the article and can conjour up the wrong ideas.

We have seen and used the term 'sonic drill' heads and pods before. All they do is vibrate. The head itself usually has a device or structure that induced vibration betwen 50 and 120Hz to help the head break rock as it drills. The small rock and sand is then able to virtually lubricate the process. The drill head is pushed down, using pressure from above, applied to pipes that make up the drilling line. It is physically pushed down. Sometimes a vibration wave is set up in the pipe itself, but usually it is set up in the head. Sonic pods are similar, but do not rely on pressure from above. They are used to frack larger areas once at a required depth.

The term 'sonic vent' has nothing to do with vibration. Rather, it refers to the speed at which the compressed gasses, comming out of the pipe are travelling. They are traveling at near super sonic speed! This ensures a couple of things. One, when ignited, the 'burn' is away from the nozzle, the pipe and anything behind the nozzle structure, two, the burn is intensified and concentrated, creating a hotter burn, which will in most cases burn off other gasses and impurities, and three, the pressurised gasses, burning, are not effected by wind or spray, or anything like that.

Now they used the term sonic well in the article. Its a mish mash of terms. They have around (5) gas relief wells letting out mainly methane. Only one is venting this nasty stuff at any rate worth worrying about.

[link to the] advocate.com/news/4485248-123/poisonous-hydrogen-sulfide-gas-found

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