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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
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Last night, thread was started asking for info on Indy with the explanation that the purpose was to force media to be accountable with news of what happened. Asking for witnesses to step forward and give details.

[This ploy was used on boards after 9 and `11 to find pertinent data to erase from the interest.]

One poster advised confirming explosion and shock effect several miles away. Said unconscious people were not taken to hospital, but treated at the Mary B. Elementary School near the incident. Also, told of activity on a road close to his neighborhood which is near Beech Grove and Amtrak Station, saying that road had been blocked to the public and after explosion a number of trucks hurriedly left, that one truck hauled a large, twisted metal object.

This post gave plausibility to a brief post on an Indy thread the day of the blast that said anyone in the Beech Grove and Amtrak area should get out immediately. There was no follow-up to that brief post. Several others on that thread asked for clarification of the post and the reason for it. None given.

Some believe that the blast was a methane explosion due to the far-fetched effect and because a lot of people in the area were unconscious. With the early on post about the Amtrak station and yesterday, the post about the trucks leaving the Beech Grove and Amtrak area, it appears that workers were in place for some purpose (possibly to pump gas from an over-pressurized pipe to relieve pressure?) and that it blew up on them. Possibly, the large metal object on the transport truck was, or had been, a fuel storage tank. If this was a work site and there was an accident, there will likely be petro-burned workers.
Note the bumped post from tha…monkey.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28022145

Someone reading this thread may have enough knowledge to help explain the Indy explosion. Is it possible that there is an underground fire, or fire from a sinkhole in the Southeastern Indiana gas fields and that smoke is filtering through a shallow underground aquifer? Could a fire in the gas field set off explosions some distance from the fire?

[link to geology.com]
Check the Indiana map of counties at the above link and you will see that Shelby County is Southeast of Marion County, which is the Indianapolis area.

A Shelby County home exploded on Nov. 7th. Watch the video at the Shelby news link and at 40 seconds you will hear that the homeowner reported smelling “smoke” the day of the explosion. [link to www.wishtv.com]

Shelby County is Southeast of Indianapolis toward the direction of Indiana’s many gas wells, as shown here: [link to igs.indiana.edu]

The Amtrak Station in Beech Grove, where we hear from two witnesses that there was unusual activity the day of the Indy explosion on Nov 10th. Beech Grove is Southeasterly from the Richmond Hill explosion in Indianapolis. In other words we can draw a straight line from Richmond Hill to Beech Grove to Shelby County to the gas fields.

Please recall Indiana history of oil and gas exploration:

"Indiana has an extensive system of interstate and intrastate pipelines. These are high-pressure large-diameter steel pipes that are buried underground.”

“The History of Gas and Oil Exploration America’s first giant oil field was the Trenton Field of Indiana; gas was discovered there in 1876 in Delaware County. Beginning in 1886 and continuing into the first decade of the twentieth century, gas and then oil were discovered and developed in east-central Indiana. A wild unregulated boom ensued that ultimately resulted in thousands of wells being drilled.”

“Oil, Gas, and Ground Water Brines from geologically deep levels can be introduced into shallow aquifers through corroded well casings. Leakage around oil-storage tanks and pipelines can also introduce oil contamination. “

[link to igs.indiana.edu]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3911236

I think there is another incident that relates to all of this. Remember the rumour that a DUMB was intentionally blown up? We saw photos of a burned out railway car on a truck sppeding through a town? I think it was in one of these states.

If these gasses have been unnaturally building in underground tunnels and installations, mines etc, because of something we have done, and accidental ignition has coccured resulting in explosions, then yes, definately, smokey smelling air might just be percolating up from the ground at vent sites.

The mixing of originally disparate materials like water (aquifers), salt, oil, gasses etc, that used to be separated by rock and mineral strata is now all busted up from increased pressures from unnatural fracking across the continental USA. Individual fracked areas have become super fracked zones, creating a free for all. No wonder things like methan coming out of fawcets/taps is becomming more and more a common occurance, especially from shallow aquifers.

Like water, and oil, gas will seep out where ever it is easiest to do so.

The thing with gas though, is that under pressure it is explosive, indicating it is trapped in something, then ignited. Loosely vented, it will go up in a big flash, and release its energy in mild heat and light. Explosions indicate containment, or pooling. But what is setting it off?

Maybe peizo electric bursts? Ground movement might bring that on? It happened up at Cherokee lakes a year or so back with 4 or 5 people electrocuted from it. (they blamned faulty 12V DC wiring from a house boat...)

Might be lightening strikes too.
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