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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
By next year the USA will be the biggest exporter of oil and gas on the planet.

So with all that production.... why do they need even more, and everyone else also more and more, at a frenzied pace.

Why do we need so much more oil out of the planet, and in to our biosphere and bodies?

Good post K.

@ PrePer and Isis, the time thing does my head in. Every time, LOL.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

The nuclear plants have to be shut down. An abundant supply of alternative energy to run generators will allow a paradigm change and can limit economic chaos in the changeover.

As a natural order of economic interest, the energy utilities have to be tied to production of energy sources such as oil, coal and gas. There will be economic consequences of significance in decommissioning the nuclear plants from using uranium, or MOX, as an energy source and converting to gas, or other alternative energy sources.

In one instance here in the Southeast of the US, a major plant was constructed in the early 1970’s. For years there has been a rumor that this plant will convert to gas turbines. The following are some of the possible consequences of such a conversion:

Local tax base will diminish greatly when converted to gas because nuclear plants pay something on the order of a penalty in high assessments for taxes paid to local jurisdictions.

Nuclear consumes millions of gallon of water each day in evaporation. In order to have a sufficient water source the nuclear power plants are built near water or on rivers dammed into lakes.

The public feels that the major earthen dam backing up the water for the local nuclear plant was built as a “temporary” dam and built with the intention of breeching the dam when the water was no longer necessary for plant operation.

In our particular instance (and there are many other nuclear plants with similar circumstances) the lake property was developed into high-end homes, which are lake front or have lake access and privileges. These developments are another hefty source of local tax base which will diminish if the lake is taken down to river level.

Generally, the cost of operation and maintenance of a nuclear plant is much greater than a power-producing utility using alternative energy sources, except perhaps for the cost of fuel. Local areas supported by this spending will be hit hard, in the same as having a major industry shut down.

If the cost of alternative fuel for power production drops, the nuclear plants will go offline much sooner than we might have expected due to Fukushima, for instance and for other reasons. The trade-off using oil and gas, rather than nuclear, may be worthwhile. Local jurisdictions will have to weather a major economic hit.
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