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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Recalling the story of the Chinese Briefcases on BEZERK, there was a claim that if the briefcases were opened before the designated time, that the contents would be destroyed.

The Chinese are expert in manufacturing a thick, heavy tempered glass that is supposed to be heat resistant, but which can blow up like a roadside bomb blowing shrapnel around the immediate area. All it appears to take to detonate the glass bomb is a sudden change in temperature. If a message is engraved on a glass canister, or on something breakable inside a glass canister and a timed heating device is packed with the glass canister, an early opening and exposure to ambient temperature could possibly cause the destruction of the message.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1378339

Very interesting.
But let's assume that the OP was accurate in this info, he said that some briefcases were stored and kept in roomtemperature chambers, and others in safehouses or vaults that were very cool. If they were taken out there would have been temps also.
So in your case these differences in temps could have ignited the briefcases, even if they were not opened.

I do believe you that this glass-bomb exists,
But was not used IN the briefcases.
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