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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle PERCEPTOR
Post Content
By next year the USA will be the biggest exporter of oil and gas on the planet.

So with all that production.... why do they need even more, and everyone else also more and more, at a frenzied pace.

Why do we need so much more oil out of the planet, and in to our biosphere and bodies?

Good post K.

@ PrePer and Isis, the time thing does my head in. Every time, LOL.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

BHD, ISIS, KRISPY The TIME Thing requires a ...

Different Kind Of DNA

Acknowledging that it takes “a different kind of DNA” to drill multimillion-dollar wildcats to test the merits of a new interpretation of the geology underlying a producing province considered mature, Moffett says ultradeep exploration requires specialized knowledge and skill sets, along with a good bit of nerve.

“If you have not been in high-pressure drilling or spent time looking at data on deeper pool structures, frankly, you are like a goat looking at a new gate,” he posits. “Drilling these wells and evaluating these sands is a whole new ballgame, and there is no way to learn it overnight. The only way to get there is by living through some of the experiences and knowing how to react to situations.”

With no analogue data from nearby offsets, Moffett adds that the mentality it takes to drill to uncharted depths with unknown temperatures and pressures harkens back to his college years, and an adage often repeated by hall-of-famer Darrell Royal, the former football coach at the University of Texas at Austin, where Moffett was a two-year letterman: Winners never quit and quitters never win.

“The margin between a dry hole and a discovery is sometimes almost inexplicable,”
he suggests:

“You have to keep your spirit. It is a business where those who have succeeded have enough moxie, courage and perseverance to turn their failures into successes.”

A Different Kind Of DNA ~

involves the underlying Harmonics, waveforms and entnglements, themselves into and out of higher dimensions BHD!

NO MORE so-called JUNK DNA, please?

Every TIME!!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26355761

- from briefcase thread...


You imply that you have real information about this.
Why not tell us a bit rather than sidestepping the comment with sarcasm?

I think it's safe to say most of us are interested in truth more than speculation and misinformation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2920692

Hey listen to BHD and K, they seem to know and are able to connect dots to everything ... literaly.
Who the fuck cares what the OP or Rubicon thinks, they have their minds all made up. No wonder the bezerk thread is so confusing.

Yeah stick with K and BHD, they seem to be the enlightened ones ,and they dont give a fuck about what me/OP thinks.

They promise all happy thougts and good feelings. So Go with that, it seems that is what you want. Heaven forbid anyone should point out how screwed up we are and the danger we are in. Hell lets all send mythical good light and happy thoughts. If that is what you want and need you better off joining a david wilcock session.

You disgust me.
 Quoting: acolyte

Hey Aco .... no need to be rude ... we are all trying to figure this out ..

You fucking started the bezerk thread ... bullshitted everyone (you even bullshitted yourself) ... then when things got heated, you fucked off???

now you come along and try and criticize what everyone else says??

why the fuck don't you just post a closing statement telling us all about what you know and whay you 'think' (in clear easy to understand language)

and lay off the klipdrift and old brown when you frequent forums

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20129820

Krispness, you are a know it all apparently, and so am I. Plus we all disgust the man.

Meh... when he has something constructive to say, and not playing his old games of division, maybe more will listen.

I am always happy to siddown and shatup, when anyone else has something to say. I can prove that by my posts.

But a's way is his way or the high way, like a script.

Nice to see *dim* about. Thanks for the words. hf
 Quoting: BadHairDay


Seems the latest upsurge of deep sea drilling information and the alarming consequences posited by you both, has got the better of acolyte (and his ilk), who are sulking ~ Why?

Is this because you're ahead of the Game?

The virtually unknown Davy Jones Locker thing shows you the extent of of the secret global experiments and likely dangers in tampering with Nature, in face of so much uncertainty.

The TIME Thing referred to relates to this too, and the consequent head scratching by BHD and a few others in relation to Junk DNA has ironically, just been identified by David Wilcox (!) Aco's friend, who talks in terms of: The Source Field Investigations and Looking Glass Technology in the Source Field Book.

The Universe is NOT built on the Uncertainty Waves principle of Heisenberg, coupled to the de Broglie waves in quantum physics.

When a particle becomes a wave it spreads out in Time ~ it exists in the past, present and future simultaneously!

Matter is flip-flopping into and out of this parallel reality.

WATER molecules can flip over naturally into this parallel reality, depending on the (deep water) pressure, and stay there, ~ forming a "portal" between our world and the world of 3-D TIME!.

Turn the pressure off and you may have a "stargate".

No wonder Aco or his masters, cannot keep up with this?

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