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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content

Seems the latest upsurge of deep sea drilling information and the alarming consequences posited by you both, has got the better of acolyte (and his ilk), who are sulking ~ Why?

Is this because you're ahead of the Game?

The virtually unknown Davy Jones Locker thing shows you the extent of of the secret global experiments and likely dangers in tampering with Nature, in face of so much uncertainty.

The TIME Thing referred to relates to this too, and the consequent head scratching by BHD and a few others in relation to Junk DNA has ironically, just been identified by David Wilcox (!) Aco's friend, who talks in terms of: The Source Field Investigations and Looking Glass Technology in the Source Field Book.

The Universe is NOT built on the Uncertainty Waves principle of Heisenberg, coupled to the de Broglie waves in quantum physics.

When a particle becomes a wave it spreads out in Time ~ it exists in the past, present and future simultaneously!

Matter is flip-flopping into and out of this parallel reality.

WATER molecules can flip over naturally into this parallel reality, depending on the (deep water) pressure, and stay there, ~ forming a "portal" between our world and the world of 3-D TIME!.

Turn the pressure off and you may have a "stargate".

No wonder Aco or his masters, cannot keep up with this?

 Quoting: PERCEPTOR 26355761

Yup ---> deep sea drilling information

yup ---> the extent of of the secret global experiments and likely dangers in tampering with Nature, in face of so much uncertainty

yup ---> de Broglie Waves
In 1924 a young physicist, de Broglie, speculated that nature did not single out light as being the only matter which exhibits a wave-particle duality. He proposed that ordinary ``particles'' such as electrons, protons, or bowling balls could also exhibit wave characteristics in certain circumstances. [link to theory.uwinnipeg.ca]
De Broglie waves account for the appearance of subatomic particles at conventionally unexpected sites because their waves penetrate barriers much as sound passes through walls. Thus a heavy atomic nucleus occasionally can eject a piece of itself in a process called alpha decay. The piece of nucleus (alpha particle) has insufficient energy as a particle to overcome the force barrier surrounding the nucleus; but as a wave it can leak through the barrier—that is, it has a finite probability of being found outside the nucleus. [link to www.britannica.com]

Tnx hf

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