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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle P ~ P
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[Snip] ...

The TIME Thing referred to relates to this too, and the consequent head scratching by BHD and a few others in relation to Junk DNA has ironically, just been identified by David Wilcox (!) Aco's friend, who talks in terms of: The Source Field Investigations and Looking Glass Technology in the Source Field Book.

The Universe is NOT built on the Uncertainty Waves principle of Heisenberg, coupled to the de Broglie waves in quantum physics.

When a particle becomes a wave it spreads out in Time ~ it exists in the past, present and future simultaneously!

Matter is flip-flopping into and out of this parallel reality.

WATER molecules can flip over naturally into this parallel reality, depending on the (deep water) pressure, and stay there, ~ forming a "portal" between our world and the world of 3-D TIME!.

Turn the pressure off and you may have a "stargate".

No wonder Aco or his masters, cannot keep up with this?

 Quoting: PERCEPTOR 26355761

The time aspect is intriguing PP.

PP? No... LOL.

I really like the idea of particles and even living things being able to exist multidimensionally. By our measurements, they stop weighing anything, stop giving off signs of life etc, but they are still there.

Ages back we discussed the idea that augie, or the fluid, may well be multidimensional, and serve a common purpose uniting each dimension or density.

The weight fluctuation of the cases. Contents phasing in and out of our realm?
 Quoting: BadHairDay

So, am I bad for biting?
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Of course not, BHD!

There are times when one has to discriminate ~ Time and circumstances dictate it, whether we like it or not.

Give a dog a bone and if there's not enough meat, nothing to chew on? What does he do? Discard it for another? What else?

AC really got out of his depth and finished by behaving very badly ~ n'est ce que pas?

Since you and Krispy like chapter and verse and talking of Time, here is a snippet from a chemist called Ray who is really on the ball:

But the point at which the force exerted by the particle on the photon is just insufficient to maintain the coupling must be indicative of that constant which, according to physics, relates to coupling between particle and photon. This constant is known as the ‘fine-structure constant’ (because it was found in the analysis of atomic spectra), and its (experimentally-determined) value is 7.297×10-3 (codata, rounded). It can be seen that the value derived from the Body of Experience is in agreement with the experimentally-determined value – suggesting that Moses’ statement that the first step of Creation is the division of ‘the light from the darkness’ is apposite. Indeed, the same statement has been made by a modern physicist: Feynman (1985, p.129) said ‘You might say the “hand of God” wrote that number [the fine-structure constant]’. It seems, then, that Moses had already arrived at this conclusion.

If the new image is KRISPY how can it be she is so intelligent and intuitive ~ as well!!

Thank you both for compliments.

P ~ P
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