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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Isis7
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In the news...

Drilling for Water – Underwater

By Sean Sheldrake, Rob Pedersen, and Alan Humphrey In our previous blog posts we’ve talked about how EPA diving scientists support cleanups in the nation’s waterways through collection of samples. In this post, we’ll talk about miniature wells called “piezometers” that we and other divers place underwater.
[link to blog.epa.gov]


Mix Masters: NIST Scientists Image the Molecular Structure of Polymer Blends

The problem for quantitative service-life prediction is understanding exactly why that is. Developing the necessary predictive models has been hindered by knowing just how the HDPE and LLDPE molecules blend together. They are so close chemically that X-ray or electron imaging—the usual go-to techniques for molecular structure—can't readily distinguish them.

The NIST team is using a variation of Raman spectroscopy, which can distinguish different chemical species—and measure how much of each—by analyzing the frequencies associated with the different vibrational modes of each molecule. The exact mix of these frequencies is an extremely discriminating "fingerprint" for any particular molecule without help of fluorescence labeling. Raman spectroscopy using focused laser beams has been used as a chemical microscope, able to detail the structure of complex objects by mapping the chemical composition at each point in a three-dimensional space.
[link to www.nist.gov]
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