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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
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[Snip] ...

The Universe is NOT built on the Uncertainty Waves principle of Heisenberg, coupled to the de Broglie waves in quantum physics.

When a particle becomes a wave it spreads out in Time ~ it exists in the past, present and future simultaneously!

Matter is flip-flopping into and out of this parallel reality.

WATER molecules can flip over naturally into this parallel reality, depending on the (deep water) pressure, and stay there, ~ forming a "portal" between our world and the world of 3-D TIME!.

Turn the pressure off and you may have a "stargate".

 Quoting: PERCEPTOR 26355761

[Snip ...]

The Time aspect is intriguing, PP.

With that, and the previous mention of light pulsing along, I am seeing these tight little spirals of photons spiralling out, then spiralling in, pushing themselves along through the universe like little wind up trains. Maybe the opposite is occuring in exactly the same space, in the alternative realm.

And not just an alternate realm, but an alternate time? Who says all time is constant and in sync?

Been reading some very interesting works by a lady named Alice, done back in the 1920's. Is regarding the heirachies of our world, the planets and the universe.

A particular term caught my eye. Many secret societies have various rituals and initiations to attain another level of understanding. The Mason's are a good example. When one has mastered all that one can on this world, the next level is beyond it, amongst the planets and the Sun in the solar system.

That would be referred to as solar initiation.

So.... how the heck would you make that electro/mechanical, and weaponised? It's knowledge, and preparation of one's mind and body?

I guess what I am finding amazing, is that like the quotes above P~P, being involved and discussing such things does not mean you have to measure and experiment like a scientist, indeed much can be proven just with thinking and words, and experiencing in that manner. The scientist, the priest and philosopher are all pointing at the same thing, arriving at that point quite differently, and astonished they are all there.

 Quoting: BadHairDay

BHD ~ KRISPY's and your work is remarkable even though you do not always agree, as it seems to be based on: Radiance, Density, Balance. The Spirit = Radiance; Density = THE ASTRAL; Balance = the Physical Body.

The Astral, Force is the UNIVERSAL FORCE recognised by the traditions you have just referred to, giving rise to all manifestations and differences in the Cosmos. Thsee are said to further divide into sonic, luminous, Hertzian, psychic, electro/magnetic vibs, for short.

It is these telepathic waves, magnetic etc 'psychic vibrations' that permit under exceptional conditions, the reception and/or transmission of psychic messages (unconscious phenomenon to the normal being ~ conscience to the hypersensitive psychic).

This phenomena of Thought transmission (unconscious or willed) may allow a better understanding of the psychic mechanism available through THE ASTRAL, UNIVERSAL FORCE ~ Interconnecting Everything.

Recall the references to Water above? Turn the pressure off (remove the STRESS) and more Hydrogen is liberated to BOND our DNA, enabling the flip over to parallel realities in different dimensions?

In turn this may provide the quantum mechanism by which subtle transfers of information between parties can be achieved from selective: Intelligences Other Than Our Own.

P ~ P
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