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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle nexuseditor
Post Content
Will post this here, as will likely be deleted. For those who still enjoy and well honour the original intrigue of this story, a reason has been given why acolyte spoke out so harshly on the other thread. Certain things typed may have indicated he was involved again in the 'project' or feeding new data or interpretations, which in his world are a no-no. EDIT - which he wasnt, nor any of his people.

Fair enough. Maybe a private email next time?

Okay that is enough of this bickering.

BHD, just so you understand - your earlier posts would have caused this thread to become 'active' in the eyes of 'certain people'. SOP would be to ascertain whether Aco was connected to, or feeding this new burst of activity - which would be a big no-no. Aco's response was to signal that he was NOT behind, nor encouraging your posts.

I can tell you that EVERYTHING related to BEZERK that I ever saw in my time with the RRRs, got posted to either or both, the BEZERK and BRIEFCASE threads.

We are all on the same page when it comes to the hard data available - but we are not on the same page when it comes to interpretations.

I'll leave the above posts for a few more days, then I'm deleting all this recent crap.

Peace to you all.
 Quoting: nexuseditor

OK, I re-read your statement there.

Dont delete it. It shows a different aspect that some folks dont even bother with anymore, but is important on some level for others.

There is always email fellas.... no need to so publically attack or humiliate those just havin a dig about, or proposing a theory.

Remember also, that a question placed here is not necessarily directed at OP/Duncan/acolyte. A question is a question, and anyone is welcome to have a go, aren't they? That's why it is posted on a public forum - its called a discussion!
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Leave it up to you. I like the fact that there are differences of opinion about this subject. Not like the EJ days, but alternate interpretation from just as plausible or questionable (LOL) sources. Krispy and I are often referred to as a singular train of thought, when in fact we differ on a lot of things. I guess the core is the same.

Doesnt it make it more interesting that way? Best not to make Assumptions.

- and now, back to regular posting......
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Tnx for sharing here. I am banned from Nexus' thread ....
It is nice to know the reason and the why of the personal attack indeed.

What it sais in my eyes :
If some people from UP-THERE thought that Aco was having contact with us and being 'involved in BEZERK' again,
then we INDEED HIT A JACKPOT NERVE with the research of the last pages !
Otherwise Aco didnt had to defend himself and disgust us [and our thoughts/work] so much.

Yes, lol ... BHD and I differ on a lot of interpretations hahaha, but we are respectful and good about it, its not a problem. Maybe thats why many people think we are 1 and the same "train" ... fact is : sometimes differences work stimulating and are in some ways also complementary :)
And in the same way are other posters-opinions helpful and complementary and stimulating, even if we DONT agree :D
THAT is fantastic !!!

xxx K
 Quoting: Krispy71

Krispy, you are NOT banned from ANY of my threads, and were never banned from any of my threads.

So please stop with all the lies and bullshit.

Aco is disgusted because he sees people being told by you, over and over, that the organism is here to SAVE the planet - whereas Aco believes that it is NOT here to save the planet at all. You were given inside info to assess on the matter, but you chose to reject it all in favour of your own egomaniac dreams.

NOBODY on that side of the fence thinks the organism is here to save the planet. There might be some differences on how to spin WHO is to blame for the organism, but all agree it is not friendly and that it has killed many humans and non-humans already.

Even now, when I look back at the last few dozen pages of this thread, I see you Krispy, continually cherry-picking data and dots which ONLY back up YOUR personal beliefs and wants. That is NOT called RESEARCH, it is called trying to convince people that you are right, and to get them to see your point of view.

BEZERK was an experiment to 'test the water' for when they reveal the organism problem, and more, to the wider world. So they chose a 'safe' outlet - a public forum for the most bizarre stuff on the net - and watched the reactions. I can imagine them groaning and putting their faces in their hands, as they watched Krispy and her love affair with the organism hijack the whole debate with emotion and new age bling.

This thread is evidence that even at GLP, most people cannot handle shocking information - and will come up with some new-age bling fantasy to emotionally shield themselves from the shock.
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