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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
Welcome UNIT3. I've seen you about on a few threads I frequent too. The sink hole and beach destruction/rising tides comes to mind. I also think its related.

Probably the best thing to read is the OP/acolyte ONLY text.

This is the input, which at times was 'at the moment' and being relayed to this thread.

They can be found here - (this was Krispy's hard work btw.)

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

At one point, the OP 'came out' and explained he was acolyte, an avid poster on this site, and that he was part of a group within a think tank within the RAND group known as the RRR's. (Rand Rubicon Revealers)

It kind of changed the dynamic, but I think it was meant to.

Anyway, read those pages first to get an idea behind the story.

The thread became quite polarised at a point, and split in two, with Nex'Ed' creating a separate thread called the Briefcase thread, where OP continued posting. We all have our own ideas on why that happened. But just take it for face value atm, and go with it.

Thread: Chinese briefcases were opened today - what will you be told?

The briefcase thread has less.... lovey dovey? (LOL) in it, and is more straight forward, completely on topic, and monitored quite harshly by Nex'Ed' to keep it that way.

The topic further fractured with a whole other site being created to manage it, but due to acolyte's loyalties and back ground, the subject cannot be discussed there. Rather a related topic is the emphasis, based on a channelled entity.

[I dont think I can post this link. LOL]

It's all good stuff. The 'sides' are irrelevant until you sift through it all, and breath it all in. LOL. Even then, regardless of wher you think it all stands, I hope you stay around to discuss your ideas and research.

Dont be taken a back if you get the odd - "Oh, we covered that on page 1,123...." as there is so much information contained within these pages. Its a real mish mash.

Again, welcome aboard. HF
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