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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle lasombra
Post Content
Nex' do you really live your life by this? I mean if you accept it's over, and that we will either be dominated by CHIN overlords, killed off by the organism, or have our world terraformed for alien arrivals.... then what's the point of it all?

I guess the Jan/Feb edition is on hold? My Mum says hi btw, she's a subscriber. Should I brake the bad news to her?

Please take that as the joke it was intended to be.

The living Earth is one of the oldest notions held dear to both ancient and recent man. It's hardly new age bling. Nor is the idea that water is the source of all life.

Given who you are, and the amazing life you have made for yourself, the magazine you have built, and the people you connect with, I find your comments so frustrating and confusing Nex'.
 Quoting: BadHairDay

A couple of recent posts by NexEd have struck me as being peculiarly out of character. I guess that can happen when the realization of genuinely existing "doom" finally hits home.

Sometimes you come out the other side with the acceptance that death is our constant companion, and always has been. Once that settles in, you begin to notice the amazing resiliency of life in general and how the unexpected has a habit of happening despite what we think we absolutely know.

and shooting off in another direction (or is it?)
Information relating to that quantum field and DNA connection mentioned a few pages back keeps popping up, along with a bunch of stuff like the collider creating a new form of matter and, well, a lot of random things that may have no relation what-so-ever, but then again maybe they do. Nature seems to always seek balance doesn't it?

Finding dots that support my bling ;) This one is nice...
[link to www.nature.com]

"On the face of it, quantum effects and living organisms seem to occupy utterly different realms. The former are usually observed only on the nanometre scale, surrounded by hard vacuum, ultra-low temperatures and a tightly controlled laboratory environment. The latter inhabit a macroscopic world that is warm, messy and anything but controlled. A quantum phenomenon such as 'coherence', in which the wave patterns of every part of a system stay in step, wouldn't last a microsecond in the tumultuous realm of the cell.

Or so everyone thought. But discoveries in recent years suggest that nature knows a few tricks that physicists don't: coherent quantum processes may well be ubiquitous in the natural world."

Some of the other random reading links:

[link to scitechstory.com]
[link to phys.org]
[link to phys.org]
[link to hplusmagazine.com]
[link to phys.org]
[link to www.ks.uiuc.edu]
[link to library.thinkquest.org]
[link to discovermagazine.com]

Then again, maybe I'm just up too late to be sensible. lol
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