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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Hi All,

I've been reading and studying this material like crazy. And all of you are so patient with all of us who are just now looking into it. Thank you.

And what a mountain of material! Plus trying to figure out what's real and what isn't, what a task. It sure makes for a good syfy story if nothing else, heh!

Anyway, has anyone looked at the area through Google earth or with psychics? I would also like to know if anyone has found reports on whales, dolphins and ufo activity in the area?

I don't care who programmed the organism or what it is. There is a way to connect to it. So, once we know the above, I think we can figure out ways to guide this situation. After all, we are all actually one organism anyway, LOL!

If elites are actually behind all the mess, I seriously think they know it's beyond their control...even with alien technology. So some are probably afraid.

And maybe some are trying to turn things into a more honest world as I've heard. I really don't know. But I do know more and more people are becoming aware that we're all in this together. If we can gather some of our own intel, we can probably come up with a plan to help this mess.

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