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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
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A couple of recent posts by NexEd have struck me as being peculiarly out of character. I guess that can happen when the realization of genuinely existing "doom" finally hits home.

Sometimes you come out the other side with the acceptance that death is our constant companion, and always has been. Once that settles in, you begin to notice the amazing resiliency of life in general and how the unexpected has a habit of happening despite what we think we absolutely know.

and shooting off in another direction (or is it?)

Information relating to that quantum field and DNA connection mentioned[/b] a few pages back keeps popping up, along with a bunch of stuff like the collider creating a new form of matter and, well, a lot of random things that may have no relation what-so-ever, but then again maybe they do. Nature seems to always seek balance doesn't it?

Finding dots that support my bling ;) This one is nice...

[link to www.nature.com]

"On the face of it, quantum effects and living organisms seem to occupy utterly different realms.
The former are usually observed only on the nanometre scale, surrounded by hard vacuum, ultra-low temperatures and a tightly controlled laboratory environment. The latter inhabit a macroscopic world that is warm, messy and anything but controlled. A quantum phenomenon such as 'coherence', in which the wave patterns of every part of a system stay in step, wouldn't last a microsecond in the tumultuous realm of the cell.

Or so everyone thought. But discoveries in recent years suggest that nature knows a few tricks that physicists don't: coherent quantum processes may well be ubiquitous in the natural world."


Then again, maybe I'm just up too late to be sensible. lol
 Quoting: lasombra

Hi All,

Anyway, has anyone looked at the area through Google earth or with psychics? [NOTE: Yes, see Scole Report].I would also like to know if anyone has found reports on whales, dolphins and ufo activity in the area?

I don't care who programmed the organism or what it is. There is a way to connect to it. So, once we know the above, I think we can figure out ways to guide this situation. After all, we are all actually one organism anyway, LOL!

If elites are actually behind all the mess, I seriously think they know it's beyond their control...even with alien technology. So some are probably afraid.

And maybe some are trying to turn things into a more honest world as I've heard. I really don't know. But I do know more and more people are becoming aware that we're all in this together. If we can gather some of our own intel, we can probably come up with a plan to help this mess.

 Quoting: Unit3

OK Folks, here we go:

In the lasombra website quoted above, there is a "comment" by Anthony Aiya-Olba, edited as follows:

Philosophy Regains its Sceptre:

Would that philosophers are aware that philosophy in its traditional form has spent its relevance.The unprecedented light shed on our time by modern advancements in the sciences and Quantum Physics in particular, has gradually eclipsed Philosophy’s initial Sceptre, as The Queen in the Hive of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

Science is applied Philosophy, every successful science at last reproduces new philosophy.

The long-sought Philosopher’s Stone is the Absolute Logic: Equator of self-contradiction (Oneness of pair), is the Nuclear Principle of self-transmutation (creation) of the SPACETIME-CONTINUUM.

Everything is of Nuclear origin. The Principle Of The Included Middle: ~ Equator of pair (Oneness of self-contradiction) is nature’s core logic of self-transmutation of couple (pair) into triple (nuclear family), in all of Cosmos.

Hence, 2n + 2n/2 = 3n

Where 2n, is the constant pair, 2n/2, is the middle of the pair, and n, can be any non zero integer.

Such that, n = 1
= (2 x 1) + { (2 x 1)/2 } = 3 x 1
= 2 + 1 = 3
= 3 = 3. Q E D.

The Absolute Logic of Space, is Equator of Self-contradiction (oneness of pair). It's beyond Relative Logic that differentiates Bosons from Fermions, Protons from Electrons, Matter from Anti-Matter and all other disconnected pairs of the material Universe.

It's the next frontier in human awareness of the true nature of Space.

Absolute Logic is the Equator state of All in all.
Thus, (2A + B) + (2B + A) ... = 3(A + B)
Where A and B, can be any (positive/negative integer (in a complex equation), but never both Zero.

This is the new discovery of Anthony Aiya-Oba (Professor of Logic for every day use), (see Absolute Logic, the Equator.)

[link to www.groupsrv.com]

Fits well with the earlier work of Andija Puharich (AP), a physicist and his parapsychological experiments conducted at Stamford University ~ (see book: URI, page 260) where it was reported:

An aspect of human consciousness is to produce the pair of the sense and the supersense. It must evidently approach something like the nucleus of the atom, the matrix of high velocities – the equation for that is:

Z = X. o
Were Z is the superconscious,
X is the sense.

The sense life of a master symbolizes the unity of integer, and by analogy in pair production the electron and positron as resultants of the annihilated individuation.

AP “Is the gamma ray to be thought of in analogy to individuation before it has differentiation into the spectrum of supersense?”

A “Right!”

"Millions of Atoms swap 'Spin' with Partners in Quantum Dance." See: (A. Aiya-Olba)

Independently of the above, Preceptor (/Perceptor) here reports separately on his own findings:

(A + 1/A) . A = A (squared) + 1, where A can be any (positive integer (in a complex equation), but never Zero. Q E D.

When taken together, these spell out entanglement of the e/m waves behind all life-forms, including AuGie, living cells and our DNA.

When fully understood and so, utilising our Junk DNA, then we will be able to control both it and ourselves.

Now: Over to you All.

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