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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
[removed link to thread Powerful EMP blast in Veliky Novgorod, Russia.]

As said in the thread : If car lights and portable radios stopped working as well, then it MUST be EMP, and not a transformer explosion...

and I highlighted lines in the below quote

today 11:54
In several districts of Novgorod the lights went out for a few seconds after the bright flash - the news agency "Great Submit Thread."
Beginning of the street about 20:15 Kochetova lit flash of bright light, after which the surrounding buildings for a few seconds the lights went out, turned off street lights.
After that, the sky over the city was decorated something like the Northern Lights. Bright flashes clearly emerges through the clouds. Then the power was restored, but left your original work of several cable television operators.
Townspeople joke that it could be a rehearsal for the end of the world. We can assume that the result was a bright flash of lightning, but no sounds like thunder, Novgorod heard.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22699475

EMP or not ? Probably not ...

From what I've read about an EMP attack, I thought the electronics would be permanently disabled, so how would the power have been able to come back on after two hours?
 Quoting: Laura Bow

Or could it :

There are soft EMPS too.
I saw a test on some show few years back they did with a rental car....and a military EMP. The car did run again afterward.

I thought it would be perma-fried....but this mini-EMP didn't totally destroy the car electronics.
...just a temporary power kill scenario.

It was on the Military channel.....that ultimate weapons show.
I forgot the guys name who was the host. He was a Seal for 10 years.
 Quoting: Burt Gummer


it depends on the size of the EMP....

smaller waves CAN simply cause interference in the waves lengths, taking say USA 60mhz down to 56 or up to 68.... this will not "destroy" everything, but fuck it up for a minute, sometimes hours....

I big one CAN destroy everything, but not ALL do this.....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19392583

This above could explain the change of color in the light-bulbs in livingrooms ... [lightbulb radiance and color anomalies] ...

But what could turn the sky into "Northern lights" ???

CME ???
But were CME's hits ever accompanied by blasts of light ?
It sounds plausible ...

CME hit us at about that time could be related?
[removed noaa-gov-wsa-enlil link]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23045418

or a Particle Burst ?

Particle Collision in the atmosphere?

DEMETER Satellite Observations of Particle Burst Prior to
Chile Earthquake

[removed arxiv-org-pdf link]
 Quoting: ChemE 15309505

Funny that Pre/Per compared me with Demeter ....

This video below shows the light-blast,
and yes the radio stops working and lights go out,
but FUNNY > The traffic-lights still work !!!

Powerful EMP blast in Veliky Novgorod

[youtube][removed link]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17120160

Strange enough it happend at the same time in the US :

I feel for this because I just read this
A widespread power outage has been reported just outside Boston where MIT and Harvard University are located. NStar utility

[link to hisz.rsoe.hu]
 Quoting: Goofy for God

and India ???

I saw the same green flash in the sky for about a milisecond that lit up the sky while I was on my bike at about 6:30 pm here in India.

No power outage though.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28779835

So what is this ???

Is it a result and reaction of supercharged particles from Space colliding with escaping particles from the Earth's crust ??

Is it a 'TEST' for some kind of technology, from the Chin's or an other faction ?

A UAV equipped with an EMP or DEW weapon can fly into or over a storm and use the storm to hide it. Very precise strikes using these types of weapons are possible. Communications systems are first on the list to be targeted. Targeting power generating facilities, substations, and communications towers, for instance, knocks out service to a wide area. No need to fry all the electronics.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28744097

Is the below a BINGO ?????

what is in or near this place in russia that anyone would have any wanting to "emp" it?

the harvard/MIT one is very interesting. is that still ongoing?
 Quoting: pink cat


Probably a Secret Lab in Russia (as usual), and Russia trying to modify there Missiles so that EMP does not effect them..

You know EMP Protected Missiles, so Missiles in Iran and Syria can't be taken out as before...

And so the World and USA and overall Planet (Earth) gets more dangerous everday!


 Quoting: Future Viewer

Good to look at political historical importance of places where Events happen ;)
Novgorod seems to be an important place :

Oh... this is strange for some reason
I am unable to post text and a Wiki link.

I will try the text without the link.
The link is " Veliky Novgorod Coat of Arms "

This symbol - Veliky Novgorod Coat of Arms -
came to me in 2008 a few months before the
Russia/Georgia "war."

The symbol shows two bears standing by the throne.

The Russian President [at the time] Medvedev
and the Georgian President's nickname, Misha,
both symbolize a bear.

Also, in 2010, there was cryptic news of
Vladimir Putin's "wedding" in Novgorod.
 Quoting: Atossa 18850150

The below post is a clever one :

This news has the mystery "cat" theme.

"Cat" symbolizes something important in the geo-politics... what ??

 Quoting: Atossa 18850150

CAT acronyms : [removed link]
? Combat Aircraft Technology
or many others ...

The next post of the thread's OP underlines that it was not a NORMAL EVENT, but that it is indeed something WIERD :

Replying to all those saying it would not be an EMP of any sort. I have personal experience with lights flickering and brief AM radio receiving difficulties / cracking just by the line of our streetlights heating up when turning on at the same time (380 volts) which is strange given the arguments below.

I'd figure even if a transformer failed, then there would be some form of an EMP element to it. News sources are conflicted, eyewitnesses notify the press about lightbulb radiance and color anomalies as well. Many say other parts of the city which were fed by other transformers and independent lines suffered power outages as well. Or that was the Mother of all power spikes city - wide. Coming to think of it, my own house lights acted very weird for around fifteen seconds pulsing and flickering just around the exact time it happened in Veliky Novgorod. Please keep in mind that Moscow is a few hundred kilometers away, not to mention on a completely different power grid.

Another argument to look at is that the Soviet power transmission grid is strongly guarded against EMP, being designed with Nuclear war in mind. There are fail-safes and redundancies. (Unless they are all drunken away and have fallen into disrepair.) Probably some systems a common Russian wouldn't even know about. Since all throughout this summer we had thunderstorms, severe ones even. And with lightning comes a local EMP and power spike (heck, gamma rays even!) our power kept on going.
 Quoting: Snuffielover

Excuses if the above seems a bit off-topic,
... or not with us looking at the r-EMP's and such ...
but it caught my interest,
it might be related to Bezerk.

xxx K

( PS : HAPPY 1400 EVERY-ONE !!!! )
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