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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content
OK Folks, here we go:

In the lasombra website quoted above, there is a "comment" by Anthony Aiya-Olba, edited as follows:

Philosophy Regains its Sceptre:

Would that philosophers are aware that philosophy in its traditional form has spent its relevance.The unprecedented light shed on our time by modern advancements in the sciences and Quantum Physics in particular, has gradually eclipsed Philosophy’s initial Sceptre, as The Queen in the Hive of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

Science is applied Philosophy, every successful science at last reproduces new philosophy.

The long-sought Philosopher’s Stone is the Absolute Logic: Equator of self-contradiction (Oneness of pair), is the Nuclear Principle of self-transmutation (creation) of the SPACETIME-CONTINUUM.

Everything is of Nuclear origin. The Principle Of The Included Middle: ~ Equator of pair (Oneness of self-contradiction) is nature’s core logic of self-transmutation of couple (pair) into triple (nuclear family), in all of Cosmos.

Hence, 2n + 2n/2 = 3n

Where 2n, is the constant pair, 2n/2, is the middle of the pair, and n, can be any non zero integer.

Such that, n = 1
= (2 x 1) + { (2 x 1)/2 } = 3 x 1
= 2 + 1 = 3
= 3 = 3. Q E D.

The Absolute Logic of Space, is Equator of Self-contradiction (oneness of pair). It's beyond Relative Logic that differentiates Bosons from Fermions, Protons from Electrons, Matter from Anti-Matter and all other disconnected pairs of the material Universe.

It's the next frontier in human awareness of the true nature of Space.

Absolute Logic is the Equator state of All in all.
Thus, (2A + B) + (2B + A) ... = 3(A + B)
Where A and B, can be any (positive/negative integer (in a complex equation), but never both Zero.

This is the new discovery of Anthony Aiya-Oba (Professor of Logic for every day use), (see Absolute Logic, the Equator.)

[link to www.groupsrv.com]

Fits well with the earlier work of Andija Puharich (AP), a physicist and his parapsychological experiments conducted at Stamford University ~ (see book: URI, page 260) where it was reported:

An aspect of human consciousness is to produce the pair of the sense and the supersense. It must evidently approach something like the nucleus of the atom, the matrix of high velocities – the equation for that is:

Z = X. o
Were Z is the superconscious,
X is the sense.

The sense life of a master symbolizes the unity of integer, and by analogy in pair production the electron and positron as resultants of the annihilated individuation.

AP “Is the gamma ray to be thought of in analogy to individuation before it has differentiation into the spectrum of supersense?”

A “Right!”

"Millions of Atoms swap 'Spin' with Partners in Quantum Dance." See: (A. Aiya-Olba)

Independently of the above, Preceptor (/Perceptor) here reports separately on his own findings:

(A + 1/A) . A = A (squared) + 1, where A can be any (positive integer (in a complex equation), but never Zero. Q E D.

When taken together, these spell out entanglement of the e/m waves behind all life-forms, including AuGie, living cells and our DNA.

When fully understood and so, utilising our Junk DNA, then we will be able to control both it and ourselves.

Now: Over to you All.

 Quoting: Pre/Per

It would be fun to start an observation group that connects to the area (ufo's, whales, the organism, etc:) with psychics, remote viewing, etc:. and see if we can transmute it. I think we could do it.

Wouldn't it be cool if we started seeing reports saying they don't know what happened but things are looking better there, LOL!

It can happen. Spontaneous healing are being reported. Great things are happening in the middle of all this other stuff.

Hearts are spontaneously healing:
[link to gma.yahoo.com]

Brains are healing:

 Quoting: Unit3

@ P*P
Now that was a very hard post to read or to comprehend ... I think most people just scipped it for the formulas and couldnt make zip of it ...
I had trouble too following the content ;)

These words triggered me :
Equator of self-contradiction (Oneness of pair), is the Nuclear Principle of self-transmutation (creation) of the SPACETIME-CONTINUUM.
They connected with an image that was included in a Nassim Haramein article.

This is the image : [link to www.nasa.gov]

This is the text going with it :
The new depiction of our Galaxy now includes a just recently discovered structure that is 50,0000 light-years across: an enormous double torus of x-ray and gamma-ray emissions that radiate from the central super-massive Black Whole in the center of the Galaxy. This could be further confirmation of Nassim's theory that all Black Wholes on all scales have this same structure and dynamic.

To me, this image IS indeed a ONENESS IN PAIR, and a Nuclear Principle of self-transmutation of the SPACETIME-CONTINUUM

It is an example of your lines : The Principle Of The Included Middle: ~ Equator of pair (Oneness of self-contradiction) is nature’s core logic of self-transmutation of couple (pair) into triple (nuclear family), in all of Cosmos.

The CORE of those 2 gamma-ray toruses is the Central Galactic Black Hole, The Milky Way forms the Equator ... and the rest (differentiates Bosons from Fermions, Protons from Electrons, Matter from Anti-Matter and all other disconnected pairs of the material Universe) formed out of [or by] different nuclear reactions, is also logic :)

It also connects with : the gamma ray [to be thought of] in analogy to individuation before it has differentiation into the spectrum of supersense

Together with this the article below it is a big step in better comprehension of how things work,
and for example how AUgie might work in our cells, in the Earth and on other planets as well, and in the Galaxy/Universe ... :

Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain
[link to www.livescience.com]
- results, published Nov.16 in the journal Nature's Scientific Reports, suggest that some undiscovered, fundamental laws may govern the growth of systems large and small, from the electrical firing between brain cells and growth of social networks to the expansion of galaxies.
- Natural growth dynamics are the same for different real networks, like the Internet or the brain or social networks. Study suggests a single fundamental law of nature may govern these networks.
- The team created a computer simulation that broke the early universe into the tiniest possible units — quanta of space-time more miniscule than subatomic particles. The simulation linked any quanta, or nodes in a massive celestial network, that were causally related. ... When the team compared the universe's history with growth of social networks and brain circuits, they found all the networks expanded in similar ways: They balanced links between similar nodes with ones that already had many connections.
((For instance, a cat lover surfing the Internet may visit mega-sites such as Google or Yahoo, but will also browse cat fancier websites or YouTube kitten videos. In the same way, neighboring brain cells like to connect, but neurons also link to such "Google brain cells" that are hooked up to loads of other brain cells.))
- The eerie similarity between networks large and small is unlikely to be a coincidence, Krioukov said. "For a physicist it's an immediate signal that there is some missing understanding of how nature works," Krioukov said.
It's more likely that some unknown law governs the way networks grow and change, from the smallest brain cells to the growth of mega-galaxies, Krioukov said. "This result suggests that maybe we should start looking for it," Krioukov told LiveScience.

This aagain is an example of the ONENESS in BIG and SMALL, in micro and macro ...
If the Universe grows the same way as our neural network forms connections, then the structure of our Galaxy is to be found also back in our own body and physics/atomics ...

THIS all above again PROVES TO ME
that "AUgie" is NOT A SINGULARITY and SINGULAR OCCURING ORGANISM ! [thus an expression of Universal Laws in micro and macro]

AUgie is NOT something from the past few decades ...
AUgie is an ELEMENTAL [also in Quantum] and STRUCTURAL part of LIFE, ancient and primordial !!!

@ unit3
There are many things that people [joined-together in energetic effort] can influence and even transmutate ... I know that that works, been there done that myself ;)

But AUgie [as an ancient primordial part of Existance] CANT BE transmuted !

I had a dream-contact with Tiamath-Amaru, a creature that is known to be the Mother of Creation. She communicated with me and showed me her off-spring that had been tried to genetically alter and understood, with weak results. I feel [and believe] that AUGIE is formed out of her DNA/RNA by herself or by the Origional Ancient Lifeforms here on Earth before the Annunaki's came. The complexity and make-up of AUgie was even beyond the Annnunaki's ability and comprehension. Imo, the modern Royals & Elites are descendants and mixtures with [the bloodline of] the old Annunaki's.
Imo, Craig Venter created his SYNTHIA (=first synthetically created life-form instructed by computers) to interact [fight/combat] with AUgie ... coz the Royals & Elites fear the abilities of AUgie.

Many Elites use the technique of Remote-Viewing to examine and try to [get] control of the other ...
Imo THEY CANT connect with AUgie, just becoz the simple fact and Law of INTENT. It only connects with those "pure of heart & intent" , just like Tiamath Amaru did.
That doesnt mean that you must have an impeccable spotless past ..lol.. no ... INTENT is connected with your soul-imprint and with the chemistry inside your body [pineal gland/melatonin/melanin production levels].

So [!!! in my personal opinion !!!] ... you CAN make CONTACT with AUgie and communicate with it/her, but you CANT CHANGE IT. It is older them you are, and YOU are composed out of material that she inhibits ... Changing IT/HER would mean changing yourself.
Tiamath Amaru is the basis out of which all Life on Earth was created and appeared. AUgie is a derivative of Tiamath Amaru, like a SERUM that is made out of a substance. And imo, AUgie is also part of our bodies in our cells, and might be comparable to lymphatic fluid and our White Blood-cells ...
Micro & macro the same on different levels.

Spontaneous healing is indeed possible and imo the ability to let quantum forces into your system and work with your biology.

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